EBF3 Greenlit!

Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 has been Greenlit on Steam!
This means I just have to add the Steam achievements, quickly fill in the store page,  test it a little more and it should be good to go.

Thanks for voting and sharing!

I didn’t realize this earlier, but September 1st will be EBF3’s 6th birthday!
So that’s when I’m going to publish the game on Steam – 9 days from now.

Here’s my Greenlight stats for anyone who might be interested. I didn’t do any promotion except for some blog posts on the first day.

10 thoughts on “EBF3 Greenlit!

  1. Dewayne

    The way equipment is distributed in chests is kinda weird. Usually I’ll get a new gun that would be great against enemies long after i’ve already beaten them. Only remember this being a problem in ebf4 but have to replay 3 to give you a better idea.

  2. Karyete

    Not really familiar with the usual ratio but that seems like a surprising amount of ‘No’ votes…

    1. Dewayne

      It says the average is well above that on the right hand side. The No’s are from people who need their skulls cave in with treasure chests. I don’t understand why people even bother saying no, especially since the game is free and can be tried on Kong beforehand. From the comments I read most people who complained about the game clearly never played it and have no idea the quality is superb. Can’t wait for the ability to see targets stats without having to click an attack option first. Also, can you make it so health regens outside of battle faster, I’m a hoarder type when it comes to items:) It becomes kinda obnoxious towards the later stages of the game and I believe EBF4 had it on a percentage base instead of a steady rate from beginning to end.

      1. Whitenut

        > I don’t understand why people even bother saying no, especially since the game is free and can be tried on Kong beforehand.

        Just because a game is free doesn’t give it a free pass onto the marketplace.I know EBF does have a place on Steam as its quality and content is good enough to warrant a slot on the store front but still, that’s something that should be stated. Additionally there’s a good number of people that are sick of seeing flash games being ported to steam, and they’re especially jaded to them when they’re getting garbage like Adventure Capitalist, Shop Heroes, Sakura Clicker, and a myriad of other garbage.

        As for the rest of the people that downvoted it like the tools they are, probably those cunts looking for the next game to shovel on to steam to collect trading cards from.

        1. Dewayne

          Really good point, thanks for letting me know. I’m not very familiar with steam, only use it to download workshop items for certain games. Having played some of those I can definitely understand.Also, I wanted to add to my original comment: Is EBF5 going to automatically refill your health and mana after battle? Thought I read that somewhere or maybe jsut daydreaming too hard :ooo:

        2. Jordan D

          Sakura Clicker was shit, but Adventure Capitalist isn’t really a bad game. Theirs a shocking amount of content in it. Really, most Flash games I bought on Steam (EBF4, Bullet Heaven 2, Defender Quest, Crystal Story) have been quality games.

          But I still see your point :yay:

          1. Dewayne

            The only decent idle game i’ve played I can’t even remember the name of, and now everyone is copying it with even less quality. The cash grabs are getting out of hand on flash sites, I don’t even wanna know what else is passing through steam. Didn’t really like bullet heaven much and crystal story’s combat was broken as hell. I’ll always commend EBF series for having the best equipment setup in any rpg i’ve ever played.

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