11 thoughts on “EBF3 on Steam Greenlight!

  1. Dewayne

    Man, was just reading some of the comments on steam for EBF3 and wow. Lots of people there crying about it being a ripoff of FF must have never actually played the game. There is absolutely no comparison. Hell, FF can’t even make a decent equipment system since 7 and they’ve had how many goes at it? I would gladly pay 60 bucks for EBF5 over 15 any day and I enjoyed 13’s battle system so damn. In closing, EBF1: Still a better love story then twilight.

  2. Eljaredoe

    So happy to see this going on steam! :yay:

    Maybe you should post about this on your Newgrounds page also to spread the word. :smirk:

    1. Eljaredoe

      Lol i just thought of this.

      It would of been funny if you put an annotation on Natalie’s boobs for an easter egg and if you clicked them, it would take you to a short animation.

      1. Kkots

        Making modifications to whatever that is old is a slippery slope. Better leave new ideas for the new stuff.

  3. SomaSam

    Huh. Its definately a big jump from 3 to 4, I’ll say that much.

    I think 2 was the first game I played of yours, but 3 is what actually held my attention and made me start following you and your development of BH1 and on.

    It is nice to see how much you’ve improved since then: from the art, to the style, to the UI, and the gameplay. Its all familiar but all very refined. Hell, if I tried EBF3 now, it’d probably be kind of jarring for me now.

    Of course, while quality of life might not be there as much as 4, I still think I’d enjoy it for what it is. And of course, some of my favorite songs in the series are from this game. Hope both you and HFX/Phrynna keep enjoying making this as much as I enjoy playing it.

  4. JB546

    This is so awesome :stars: :stars: :stars: , I remember the first time than I play, I don´t finihs but I want to complete for my firts time in my youtube channel, thanks for your game.


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