EBF5: The Big Slimes

They’re like normal slimes but bigger.

We had nice weather today, so I started reading “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” by Jon Ronson. Incredibly relevant read for anyone who uses the internet a lot.


7 thoughts on “EBF5: The Big Slimes

  1. IlatsS

    is that an ice cream slime and a chocolate slime….. if there will be nothing from matt when we first face them i will be dissapointed

  2. michael

    CREEPERS omg good designs btw can the slimes all have different expressions pls but keep up the good work and how many of the foes are updated now 50%?

    1. Versu

      So there are 5 ( jungle, desert, factory, food and lava cave ) environments in the game, or 6 or 7 i guess… 😐 😐


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