Birthday Celebrations

So about a week ago it was my 26th birthday. I’m not usually a big birthday guy – I’m not excited about getting older, especially now that I’ve crossed the line from growing up, to growing old. Biologically it’s all downhill for me from here. I figured instead of trying to ignore my birthday like I usually do, I’d try to enjoy it. So I bought a pile of Lego and binged on it for 4 days.

I’m quite big on the Lego City stuff right now, so I got a nice little collection of it going. The space shuttle is really cool.

new legos

I also got my big box of childhood Legos out from the attic, and with some help from my family we sorted it all out by color, so that maybe we could actually build something from the mess.

lego boxesI looked up the instructions of some of my favourite sets online, and managed to build these two submarines! 20 years after I first got them, they are whole again! Some of the pieces are a bit damaged, but they still look pretty good. Lego seems to be real close to invincible. I might try and make a few more of these old sets at some point – it was a lot of fun trying to piece together something so ancient.
subsNow with my birthday over I’ll be taking a long break from buying Lego – probably until my next birthday. I don’t want it cluttering my house and getting dusty on my shelves. I am however considering trying out a Lego renting service – that’s a thing that seems to exist, and would suit my need well. I get to build stuff and I don’t have to worry about what I’m gonna do with the stuff afterwards. I’m interested to see how that goes.


7 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. Bygraver

    Merry Birtmus! :hurray: :yay: and i didn’t know there was a lego renting service thats sounds cool :ooo: i used to play with lego all the time making dragons and monsters :shades: maybe i should have done a lego-ish design for the foe competition :bleh: oh well to late now always next time

  2. michael

    well happy belated b-day and i love ebf4 battle moutain keep up the good work and when will you show updated cyclops?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      A lot of the foes are getting some updates. I probably won’t repost them until the battle system is ready. But I dunno.

  3. Stephen

    I remember when I was a kid I had shelves full of all the lego city stuff. :yay:
    Then my dad put everything (even the police station and fire plane and other big fragile stuff) in 1 bag.
    To this day I have not built another lego city creation. :cry:

    1. Dewayne

      Yeah, still got a big tub of legos somewhere in the shed. Used to make lil movies with them for my book reports in 5th grade. Anyone else always try to build them without using the instructions, like jsut the pictures on the box, an the weird random pics of sother things you can build with them?

  4. Iker

    OHHHH… u should put those legos to use and build some sick Lego characters of the EBF series!!!! :yay: :yay:

    Ideas Ideas….


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