Lego Horror Story

I made some scenes out of Lego. I bought myself quite a lot of it for my birthday, so I’ll be making a few posts about it.


8 thoughts on “Lego Horror Story

  1. Bygraver

    so a couple go on a treasure hunt then the boy gets decapitated by a ninja while the woman gets dragged off by a furry chewbacca monster but luckily the police came and scared the monster away but accidentally ran over the woman and one of there police dogs XD all in a days work of the Lego police :stars:

    1. Eaten_Sandwich

      It almost looks like they shot and handcuffed the dog (they’ve got their guns pointed at it). And the frying pan next to it makes me think it’s their dinner.

  2. long

    Important question : will there be any way to balance the character’s exp and lv ? ’cause last time in ebf 4 it’s frustrated when you accidentally grind to defeat the first boss and then find out lance is many lv below other character, so is there any way to make sure the character ‘s lv eventually as high as other?

    1. Bygraver

      if you haven’t got good things to say then do at all! :mad: Matt puts a lot of work into his games for our enjoyment its fine if you dont like his games but that’s no reason to just to come here and exclaim it like that :mad:

    2. Devin de Vries

      You still took the effort of visiting his own site to say that.
      On top of that you can’t even English. Git gud.


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