Monster Book

I finally found that old sketchbook of mine that I was looking for!
I’ve digitized it, for ya’ll to see.

~18 years later I’m still drawing the same sort of stuff.

30 thoughts on “Monster Book

  1. SomaSam

    Man, why even host a monster competition when you could just bust out this Monster Book and get all your monster needs for the next EBF?

    In all seriousness, I would actually find it kind of funny to fight some of these as secret enemies in either a secret area or as a hidden monster rush. Could be both fun and horrifying.

    Also, may i ask if you are going to do any more ‘creepy-cute’ enemies like the cyclops boss? There is just something about creepy stuff in your art style that I love so much. Maybe its the stark contrast between other stuff in your games, or just a refreshing surprise creepy. But regardless I found the cyclops design very enjoyable and I am waiting to see what other things you make.

  2. Delario

    The drawings of old CN characters kinda makes me nostalgic because their cartoons dove head first into mediocrity with the exception of The Amazing World of Gumball.
    Especially how the Grimer guy reminded me of the wax monster from Scooby-Doo.
    Also “Boner” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .

  3. Base Gumnwolf

    It honestly makes me smile and tear up because this reminds me so much of when i was younger quq thank you

  4. Bygraver

    i bet you had a nostalgic blast going through your old drawings my favorite has to be your pokemon fusions and Disco bob :yay: But what was your favorite monster from your old drawings matt? :?:

  5. Crepo7351

    Why do I feel like at one of these will become a foe in EBF5? Either way, I like some of these designs. :yay:

  6. Mike101

    Look like u was so good at drawing when you had only 8 years. :yay: :yay: :yay: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :shades: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :hurray: :hurray:
    Matt,your only jobs is making games or you have also other jobs?

  7. DragonZero

    Whoa whoa whoa…I saw Clan-bomb in there. Blast from the holy past. Mischief Makers was a really great game. Oh, and this is amazing. Ya know, i think i should start drawing my weapons again. After seeing that you held onto these, i think i will. I will show you who has the most weapons!…ok, you probably do, but i win in swords!
    :stars: :yay:

  8. Mr. Realname

    On one page there is a monster called “boner”. The next page has an “evil boner”. Just gonna let that sink in.

  9. gamerguy

    pretty cool. when i was 8 i drew the same stuff you drew in the first pages. anyway, i think the music is also cool. :hurray: :yay: :hurray:

  10. Aleflippy

    That Nintendo monster :P . Many of them could clearly become real mobs! Glad to see you started very early .

    (It’s also always noice to have some music by Phyrnna :3 )

  11. Wakame

    I’m sorry to late.
    I was moved by your illustrasion because I draw pictures too.
    I cheer you!
    - Japanese illustrator Wakame


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