35 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. NatzAnnaLanceMatt

    Yellow= Take home! SO CUTE :love:
    Pink= Eradicate! Too pink… :skull:
    Green= Eat! :bleh:
    Blue= Shun!

  2. Magical

    Take home:Pink (CUTENESS OVERLOAD :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2:) Eat:Blue (Looks Tasty :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:) Shun:Orange(Dont Want To Kill) Eradicate:Green(One Less Spiky Creature In The World)


    I’ll take the green and the yellow worm into my house
    I’ll shun the pink(so it can fly like a butterfly) or eat the pink (because it looks tasty)
    No option for blue:P

  4. MumboJumbo2397

    Shun everything to their right habitant. Keeping a worm pet can keep worms into endangerment I think. Who wants to eat worms?

  5. Shraderc.inc

    Take home blu (so cute)
    eat yellow (looks like tempura shrimp)
    shun pink (well i had to choose one)
    eradicate green (one less spiky creature in the world)

    Is that what we were supposed to do??? i dont relly get anything els from it :wut:

    1. Violet

      That’s exactly what we were to do. It’s like Kill, Marry, Screw, but with adorable worms.

  6. Squideer

    Take home yellow, (Cutest one :love2: )
    Eat pink (If you had to eat one, This would be your best option. Green has spines, Blue has scaley hide, Yellow is covered in bristles, Pink has wings…)
    Shun green
    Eradicate eradicate blue. (Again, Green is covered in spines. I’d rather not fight a living cactus.)

  7. Ardent Girl JuJu

    “Take one home, eat one, shun one, eradicate one.”

    Take one home: I’d take home the adorable pink one.
    Eat one: I’d eat the fish-like blue one.
    Shun one: I’ll shun the yellow one, for no real or legitimate reason.
    Eradicate one: Rip green worm.

  8. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Taking the yellow one home because it looks electric in nature, and I mightโ€™ve just found a new power source for my house. Also it has Joltik face and I have a problem.
    Eating the blue one because it looks draconic in nature and I wish to gain its power.
    Shunning the pink one because Iโ€™m a manly man and am obligated to hate cute pink things.
    And Iโ€™m eradicating the green one because it is spiny with many sharp teeth, and looks like itโ€™ll become an even worse monster in the future if left alone to evolve. Best to get rid of it now.

    1. UNKNOWN

      LOL but man should not get rid of cute creatures :ooo: or atleast you’re a killer ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. UNKNOWN

        Wait sorry for misreading you’re comments but that’s you’re opinion that you hate cute things but I think manly people usually don’t hate cute things.(Like me)

  9. Spirare

    Take home: Yellow (it’s adorable!)

    Eat: Green (It already has spikes, remove those and I don’t think it’ll be poisonous. And I don’t want to eat the other options.)

    Shun: Pink (Just… no.)

    Eradicate: Blue (Multiple bright colors, thus likely poisonous. Also, the design is kind of weird and creepy. I do not want that thing anywhere near me.)

  10. Eaten_Sandwich

    Green one is definitely terrifying, so I’d eradicate that one. The blue one looks like it’d make a nice dinner, so eat that one. The orange one is the cutest and should be taken home, while the pink one is close but should be shunned so it at least gets to live.

  11. Inseri

    green = Anna
    yellow = Matt
    red = Natt
    blue = NoLegs
    How can I eat and eradicate some of them ? :3

  12. Violet

    Take home Yellow, (Most cute.) :yay: :love:
    Eradicate Green, (That thing shouldn’t exist.) :scared:
    Eat Pink, (Least likely to be fatal, I think.) :sick:
    Shun Blue. (Out of options, sorry.) :meh:

  13. Bygraver

    take home the blue :yay:
    eat the pink :sick:
    shun the yellow :bleh:
    and eradicate the green ๐Ÿ˜ก

  14. BloodthirstyWailord

    Take home the blue one (he’s the coolest) :stars:
    Eat the pink one (tastiest) :tongue: :bacon:
    Shun the green one (i want that one too) :meh:
    Exterminate the yellow one (last one left) ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  15. Thrynity

    I take the blue one (cause he look more badass)
    I eat the pink one (cause it’s seems to be sweet)
    I shun the yellow one (cause Furry)
    I ERADICATE the green (cause spiky T_T)

    is it okay ? or I have to take a psy ?

    1. Bygraver

      That sounds like something Nat or Anna would say :yay: Matt would definitely eat them all :sick: and lance would just eradicate all of them ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  16. Marvin

    Take home: Pink
    Eat: Yellow, because it looks least likely to be poisonous.
    Shun: Green. Looks kinda cute, but might poison me.
    Eradicate: Blue. Not as cute as the others and thus does not deserve to live. I’m sorry.

  17. markus

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