Closing the Foe Competition

Hey guys, I’m calling off the EBF5 foe competition. I’ve got enough foes planned out now and I don’t think I’ll be needing any more from fans.

In case you missed them, the winners were:
Haunted Mirrors – The Fallen – Voodoo Dolls – Creeps

You can browse most of the stuff submitted in this DeviantArt collection.
There’s a lot of good ideas in there. Super big thanks to everyone who contributed!

Finally, here’s a few more foes that I strongly considered, but didn’t quite fit in. Maybe I’ll use some of these in future games or something. I might feature them in EBF5’s gallery.

By Locust-Swarm:


By Hellsniper01:
By ErgotthVonHoehnheim:ebf5_spider_by_ergotthvonhohenheim-d9wgylb

By Super-Green-Ray:

16 thoughts on “Closing the Foe Competition

  1. cookiekitten

    when I saw the holy spider thingey I thought: Illuminati confirmed. But then, I saw the the lil’ thing has a smol hat on: Welp I guess it’s bill cypher :smirk:

  2. Bygraver

    i love the spiders they seem really good and lots of potential there are a lack of spiders from you games except in BH2 but i guess it’s because so many legs to animate and it gets confusing which is understandable but i love that ErgotthVonHoehnheim put a gravity falls bill cipher easter egg on the spiders :love:

  3. marakas

    well i think the head eaters fit better in this game then any of other selections so think of that too

  4. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Aww, ya can’t squeeze in that neat lookin’ wanderer thing? Looks pretty sweet to me. That’s a shame.

    Another shame is my infinite ability to come up with concepts, but my artistic skill (or rather lack thereof) would make it very hard to convey my ideas. Sometimes, I wish my skill was in making games, rather than playing them. More money in it, and would be a fun creative outlet. 😐

  5. Grim Reaper

    😥 You should make a easter egg battle with 4 waves and have the player fight them all ❓

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