EBF5: Creeps

Here’s some strongish defensive foes, replacing the crabs and the turtles from previous games.
These guys are loosely based on RicePirate’s foe design for EBF4, that never made it into that game.
That’s over 100 foes now! Still got a lot to do though.

Also, the bear poop attack will only be in the NSFW version of EBF5. You can turn that off in the options.

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 103

19 thoughts on “EBF5: Creeps

  1. Nightmare

    I swear, if the Blue Shell Creep (I have no idea if that’s the official name) goes after the strongest enemy or the one with the most HP, I will laugh so hard.

  2. Ardent Girl JuJu

    I think these l’il guys are hella adorable and I especially love the koopa-ish ones. Their attacks are well done and flow quite easily even on my crappy computer.

  3. Squideer

    Alternate Blue-Shell animation, Have it bounce off the ground one, Fly into the air above the enemy, Turn upside down, And then explode.

    I suggest this over the current animation (Although there is nothing wrong with the current one, I’m just pointing this out for a better accuracy :yay: ), As the newer Blue-Shell animation does this.

  4. Spirare

    I like these, especially the mario ones. :yay:

    Some of the colors just don’t seem to go together though, in particular the green creep’s body vs. shell and the ice creep’s eyes vs. body.

  5. Aysu

    Oo, I like these guys a lot! The ice ones remind me of a crawler enemy from Metroid Prime, one of my all time favorite games! :yay:

  6. Jman37X

    I reeeaally like these little guys, they’re so cute! I love the sound effects, and I especially love the turtle ones and all the variety that this enemy type has! :yay:


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