EBF5: Boulders

Here’s the result of that golem I sketched a long time ago: Boulders!
Had a lot of fun with these guys, their attacks and faces were interesting to do.

EBF5 Current Foe Count: 71

26 thoughts on “EBF5: Boulders

  1. tyler

    the temple ones roll on a cat head is there gonna be another cat temple? are you going to revisit the one from 4?! ❓ ❗

  2. Somasam

    I didn’t think it possible. But you have now made the cutest enemy in your game’s history. Even cuter than slimes or bushes or idols. That fleeing animation is so great.

    I also enjoyed the little star effect of the boulder bouncing off and exploding behind they players when it lands behind them. Adding in an actual effect to it makes is even better.

  3. slowdeath

    I was looking on your older sketches and I found some foes named Droplets.What about them?Are you going to put them on the game ❓

  4. Spirare

    Love these in general. :smirk:

    Their faces make me severely regret trying to kill them even when they’re trying to kill me as well.

    Seriously, that flee animation…

  5. Neku21

    Hit 2 and the flee are really unique and cute x3 just all of it is really unique and cute 😀
    though I have to agree it looks like theres butter of jelly for the sand boulder guys
    awesome 😀

  6. Aysu

    OMG, that arm wave when they flee! XD Love the sounds, the movements, the attacks, everything! And they’re adorable! :yay:

  7. Lionsgatepride

    I like these enemies, but the attack sounds lack a certain “punch”
    The bowling attacks though, spot-on.

  8. Karyete

    Aw crap. Submitting a boulder-themed enemy for the Foe Competition was a bad move.

    Nonetheless, these are awesome little guys. I almost can’t bring myself to kill them.

  9. Matthew Riddick

    I like the way they flee they look so cute 😀 when they throw the ball and it bounces is the strike random and can it also bounce 3 times on the same player? And when it bounces of the back the bowling strike sound does it do something or is it for kawaii effect? :wut: :love2: :bacon:

  10. Spirare

    Attack 5 seems weirdly labeled. Sometimes it’s tagged to an attack that hits 3 times randomly, sometimes it’s tagged to an explosion attack that hits all players at once (or just one player, for the last enemy).

  11. Jman37X

    Yet another very cool enemy, probably the Amethyst Boulders are my favorite, and I love all the attacks they have with the orbs that they get off screen. And their lil faces are so cute c:
    Also, haven’t mentioned it yet, but I’m a huge fan of the new dying animation/sound effects, really awesome little touch there that I always enjoy, especially how the bodies disappear at different times. Can’t wait to see more! :yay:

  12. Hanna-Diana-Magic

    So perfect!!!
    Their attacks and the sounds they make are really wonderful!
    Great work!!!

  13. TheMaleLilligant

    They’re soooo cute!! I love their smiles. They look like they might be a little stronger than most enemies in this game revealed so far.


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