Monthly Archives: March 2016

EBF5: Natalie

Hey guys, here’s all of the animations and equips for Natalie!
There’s tons of little details to find – all of the animations have been updated and there’s a few completely new ones too.

Let me know which of the new equips are your favourites!

EBF5: Ladies WIP

Still working on the ladies.

Cool new stuff:
• Weapons now have different sound effects.
• Anna is such a good archer she can now hit enemies with her bow.
• The characters make more distinct faces when hit.
• There’s a Blue Elephant. (and more Flash game characters have been negotiated!)


Fanart: Undertale NoLegs

Griffin was inspired by my Undertale version of NoLegs and made his own Undertale version!

In related news: People now think pretty much everything I do is an Undertale reference. The heart locket and knife are not Undertale references! Those are just common items! But now I might have to make them live up to expectations…