EBF5: Wraiths

Hey guys! Here’s the updated wraiths!
I’m very happy with how these turned out. The Bone Wraith will be showing off a new enemy behaviour called “Target Weakness”, which means some mage-type enemies will have a variety of spells and will use elements to their advantage. I’ve got a lot of ideas for other enemy behaviours, but a lot of them will still just attack randomly.

After some feedback on the bushes, I gave the Sand Bush a sand-attack! So feel free to give feedback on all the foes I post.
Which wraith is your favourite?

Current EBF5 foe count: 30

29 thoughts on “EBF5: Wraiths

  1. Ri0

    Grass Wraith used Bullet Seed!
    Hit 5 times.
    It’s not very effective…
    Anyways, this game is hype material. Looking forward to playing it :yay:

  2. Althaer

    They’re pretty cool, my favorite is the first one!
    But… since they’re ghost, I expected the dodge animation to look more “spectral”, a bit like the “magic 2” animation
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  3. HotchAr

    :sick: that rasping…like a rusty cheese grater going into a rustier lead pipe… :sick:
    it’s probably meant to be like raspy breathing, but… 😥 it hurts so much.
    otherwise, they seem cleanly animated, though perhaps their magic circles/auras could at least be different colors, and I can’t quite tell the difference between attack 1 and 4 on graveyard ed. beyond sound effect.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Attack 1 is fire, attack 4 is leaves.
      I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but is it possible that you’re red/green color blind?

  4. Spirare

    Love the bone wraiths, but I know they’re going to be soooo annoying to fight.

    Looks like a lot of people are confused by them though – I see 2 posters as of this comment that think that using multiple elements is a bug with the visuals.

  5. Polenen

    I think a mechanic similar to the ‘Mark’ in darkest dungeon would be cool, not necessarily strictly targeting a marked ally but having a higher likelihood to and using more damaging abilities. I also love the tree wraith, it’s so cute when it does special 2.

    1. Spirare

      Are you sure that’s the fire wraith? Fire wraiths are the third one. You’re probably looking at bone wraiths, the fourth, which use all the elements of the others: Fire, Ice, Earth, None (non-elemental).

      Fire wraiths don’t throw anything at all.

  6. Bygraver

    seems like the 2nd last wraiths which im guessing are bone wraiths? are a mix of all the others having a variety of different elemental moves they are my favorite so far and i can tell are going to be annoying to fight with this new Target Weakness cant wait to fight them! :love:

  7. forger343

    I really love these little demo flashes! Is there going to be music in some of them? I feel that that’s the only thing that can make them any better. :stars:

  8. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Thems some happy wraths. Must be fun to be dead. Between Boos and these guys. :stars:

  9. darki

    Bone Wraith Attack 4 has the Green Wraith particle effect 😛
    I din’t think the Wraiths would be so much better. Love the design and redesign of all of them, especially the first one.

  10. Kupofan

    Some thoughts:
    -That happy face when the wraiths you is soooo cute :love:
    -I love the sound effects of the forest wraith’s “special 2” attack.
    -Behaviours will definitely be a great improvement to the series! (though some foes will probably be smarter than me D:)

  11. long

    wait is the 4th wraith have multi-element? oh and i notice when they use attack2 they smile ❓ :love2:

  12. Neku21

    Ahh I love what you’re doing :yay: anyways, really cute wraiths, though the two points that I want to point out (yay redundancy) are that the sand hands of the sand wraith are meh… umm try doing.. more of a coral theme? that could be cool… it’d be cool for the stab attack, and… wait just noticed they’re death elemental… try to make the hands a bit more horney, eh? ;D and why do they have an ice attack… I mean, might be cool if they froze coupled with the poison (evil >:3), making them the ultimate wraith… soo ye. and for the ground wraiths, I would probably have more rocky hands… though they have to be like daggerswords as well…. so I’d try to mix more rock into the melange to make the attack more…. also their outfit looks the least scarybadass of the bunch, might incorporate… more of the element they embody, unless they’re just normal type wraiths… not having an element? D: sorry I don’t give much positive, but literally everything I didn’t say is really positive, like the cuteness of the wraiths to the awesome ice one and the cool different elements 😀

    1. Spirare


      There is no “sand wraith”. You’re probably looking at either the bone or flame wraith.
      Judging by the following comments, probably the bone wraith. That’s intended to use all elements and exploit the weaknesses of the player’s current equips. They’re not death/dark elemental, but rather could be considered non-elemental, as they have no primarily used element and their stabbing attack is likely non-elemental as well.

      And the “ground wraith” is an earth or tree wraith. Rocks are not required. Wood and vines, as there are now, work perfectly.

  13. pionoplayer

    The wraiths have guns now?
    There needs to be at least one joke about how they’re keeping all those weapons up their sleeves.

    Random idea that probably isn’t worth putting in the game:
    Each wraith has a random extra weapon in their sleeves different from the other types that applies some sort of screwy effect.
    Or don’t, because wraiths sucked in EBF4. Seriously, instant-kill attacks in the first area SUUUUUUUCKED.

    Keep up the good work though, these enemies look awesome.

  14. A Wikia Editor

    errytime those Wraiths go “^ ^” gets me.
    Like, as for one of the darkest dark-themed foes, seems like they still hide a cute kyun~ beneath the hood. :yay:


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