EBF5 DrawingTutorial

I was bored while drawing ice, so I made a tutorial of how I’m drawing stuff in EBF5.
With softer objects I’ll start with the brush tool instead of the line tool, but the process is pretty similar for everything.

7 thoughts on “EBF5 DrawingTutorial

  1. XLine

    Nice tutorial. It’s easier to view here than on twitter, the transparency makes it have a black background when you fully expand it on twitter. So, the look of step 7 gave me an idea- What about some sort of effect like “Crystallized” or “Deep freeze” or something like that, that’s only cured once you’re out of battle (or possibly with a specific spell)? Maybe restricted to the harder difficulties. Dunno if it makes sense.

  2. Kkots

    Holy crap, I’ve been waiting for a tutorial like this from you for a very long time! I’m a huge fan of your drawing style! :stars:
    And I even understand everything!

  3. Knight's Armament


    I suck at color theory though and I need to study up on that to do the three tone shading properly.

      1. Knight's Armanent

        I fret a lot about whether my color choices look good or not. Anything off and I declare it worthless.

        Yeah, bad thinking to have, but I’m a perfectionist.


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