EBF5: More Alternative Outfits

Some weapons and accessories will look different depending on which armor you have on. I’m not sure if this will have any actual effect or not, I’m just doing it for fun. It should be a fun easter egg hunt.

16 thoughts on “EBF5: More Alternative Outfits

  1. SomaSam

    Heyo, so I was just reading some of your twitter and saw the part where you are working on Anna.

    I was just wondering if there would be any emphasis on her connection to her wood doll/idol? Like how when she gets killed, instead of a little ghost appearing above her body like the rest of the cast, she drops her little idol.

    Also, I am interested to see what you do if you try and differentiate the faces of the cast a bit. Its always interesting to see what fun ideas come out of trying something new. But to be honest, I wouldn’t stress too much about it, considering the fact that a lot of shows and anime have that same issue and at least I personally don’t notice it too-too much if it isn’t a major focus or deliberately brought out.

  2. Knight's Armament

    I always love games that have little, consistent cosmetic changes. It shows dedication to the craft.

    Speaking of which, it would be nice to get different bits of dialogue too, based on what you have equipped.

      1. Stephen

        Does that mean I’m going to have to play the game multiple times to hear the dialogue in every scenario with every combination?
        Alright, I’m ok with that, these are fun games. :smirk:

  3. SomaSam

    This is actually really cleaver, good job!

    But now I will have to equip every weapon on every outfit just to make sure there are no microscopic changes in each.

  4. Kkots

    That clover symbol is a really nice touch you know!
    Would be absolutely amazing if each different outfit gave a different symbol on the fan! People would go MAD just to collect all the outfits and try fan with each!! :stars:

  5. XLine

    Ooh.. If they have an effect, then MIN MAXING GALORE! But yeah, this is a really nice feature. Helps make outfits match.

  6. Clysmer

    interesting, now i have even more of resont to mix and match things, even if the make no sense to put together


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