EBF5: Alternative Outfits

Hey guys! After drawing tons of super slutty outfits for Natalie I kind of felt like giving her some proper clothes too. So now you’ll have the option to use either!

I’m putting a LOT more effort into the armor than in previous games, so I hope everyone enjoys the new outfits and also the redesigns of the olds ones.Β Also there’s a lot more variety in the different types of accessories this time. (You’re still limited to 3 though, that screenshot at the bottom is on steroids)


26 thoughts on “EBF5: Alternative Outfits

  1. Jenesis

    Why does Natz get to have all the fun? If you’re gonna be equal opportunity… be EQUAL opportunity and give Matt some slutty outfits too!

  2. Sanzuwu13

    On the note of not forgetting about Anna, could you please please give her the bouncy breasts animation? Obviously Anna’s won’t bounce as much as Natz’s seeing as they’re smaller, but you don’t know how many times I wished I could do it to both of them.

  3. Littlemrdoom

    So will this non-slut mode prevent you from getting 100%?
    Cuz I mean what about the pervert badge?
    Will it be replaced by something else or will it just be disabled all thogther? :wut: ❓

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Maybe I’ll make a Not Pervert achievement too. But yes, you’ll have to try both modes to get 100%.

  4. SomeRandomGuy

    This option is kind of like censorship in video games or something. Just a nice and neat feature in this game. Yay. :yay:

  5. Alvin

    Don’t forget about Anna and can you make the i phone ver.then I can play it on my phone.plz :smirk:

  6. Trycka

    This EBF5 seems to be a real good game and this idea of allowing players to choose beetween slutty and not slutty armor design is a good idea.
    About me i’ll play with the slutty one since it was a joke subject in the series and i want to keep that.

  7. 456link

    great idea! there’s ton of debate over how this sort of thing should be done, and I’m fairly certain you found the answer! also if this could be done with Anna too that’d be great, but if you think it’s too much work it wouldn’t really hurt anything.

  8. Morgan Rue

    This. Making this kinda thing optional is a thing that games should have, if they have this kinda thing.
    Also, on a completely different note, how about having equipment add effects to specific abilities? Like a nurse or doctor outfit decreasing the cooldown of healmore, or making it cure a single status effect. Or a bubble staff making bubbles apply more attack down or a chance to stun. Or even giving it “splash” damage. :hurray:

  9. Knight's Armament

    Love this! I’ve always felt some of the female armor designs would be cooler if they looked more normal and utilitarian. And we can pick between options, so both audiences are satisfied and this isn’t forced (COUGH COUGH Nintendo COUGH COUGH localization).

  10. Lyle

    Love it. Good to see a ‘realistic/fun’ alternative option, a lot of extra work for you, but definitely worth

  11. Zura

    Mustn’t forget about Anna! I know that people will most likely be lusting after Natz, but you also gotta show Anna some love πŸ˜‰

  12. Aysu

    That mustache and those brows… :yay: :scared:

    I like both armour designs. I’ll be playing with the slutty ones, though. I’d miss all the off-colour humour, otherwise. :smirk:


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