15 thoughts on “Concept Art: Female Armor 2

  1. SomaSam

    Based on your one twitter post about the ‘slut’ /’none slut’ costumes and mature filter, will you make multiple different kinds of mature filters, or give us the ability to filter certain things?

    A better way to phrase this: I really like the idea of some of the ‘non-sluty’ custom designs, more for ascetic reasons rather than anything else, that mammoth dress with the top looked really nice (kudos btw, i was going to ask for that one back). But on the other hand I don’t care about the cat on the cross or the random blood or other ‘offensive’ things that your game may possess.
    So I was wondering if there’d be a way to leave most of the game untouched, but have the costumes with tops on. I don’t know if that would be a lot of effort on your part to implement, but I sure would appreciate it.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah, I think I’ll probably make two options, one for titties and one for offensive content.

  2. HotchAr

    yay for slightly subversive non-sexy maid costume.
    the entire bottom row compared to the top one feels washed-out in not the best way.
    the first one (traditional northern somewhere?) i’m not crazy about the color palette(sp?) of the top one. the combination of primaries is tricky in general, because it looks very nursery, and this particular one seems to use full saturation, no tints or shades, and has enough blank space that you (read, I) notice the lack of pattern or texture compared to the others making it look flat.
    but what do I know…

  3. Knight's Armament

    Lemme guess, the maid outfit since there was already one before.

    I’m “bleh” towards the kimonos, but I do like the third column. Masquerade ball masks are good. No on the lipstick though.

  4. SomaSam

    Hey Matt, just curious, but would you be willing to take fan suggestions for armor and hats? Either new ideas or our favorites from the past games like you were doing for weapons?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Nah, there’s a lot more limitations on what kinds of armor I can do, and I’m pretty sure I already know which the favourites are this time.

  5. Kupofan

    The purple and black dress, the kimonos, the regional clothes…
    OH MY GOD THIS IS SO PERFECT!! :love: :love: :love:

  6. Althaer

    Hey, I was thinking… since Ronja did 2 colors for each of her armors, why not make a “second color” button in the equipment menu? I don’t know if that will make lot of extra work or not, but I would appreciate this feature!
    PS: I love the 3rd one :love:

  7. SomaSam

    I really love the two Finnish ones the most. Perfect winter gear right there.

    Besides that, the top kimono looks cute as well. I do also like that dark dress, just not so much the eye shadow.

    Maid one was kinda useful in EBF4, but I guess I don’t care much for maids personally.

  8. oscarg

    But the dark one doesnt have shoes!

    The bottom row has some weird contrasting colors indeed, the dark one is all red and yellow here…

  9. XLine

    Love the whole top row. The bottom row’s coloring is.. I dunno, just not my thing I suppose. The designs are all wonderful!

    1. pionoplayer

      Gotta agree with that one.

      It’d be pretty sweet to have two available alts of any given article of clothing, although I suppose that’d make it less interesting.
      Anyways, favorite colorings are: bottom, top, top, top.


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