16 thoughts on “Concept Art: Female Armor

  1. Ari-Dreemurr

    Omg ! Number four remember me League of Explorers (Hearthstone) and a Winston skin (Overwatch) !!! Great stuff :stars:

  2. pionoplayer

    umm… all of them?

    But seriously:
    top, second from the right is my favorite, and of each alternate, top,top,bottom,bottom.

  3. SomaSam

    I’d have to say my favorite is the second column, the plate mail like armor. Very nicely designed, and actually looks protective gear.

    Its great to see you are getting some concept art from Ronja, always nice to expand your selection of ideas and styles.

  4. Kupofan

    I guess only one of each column will be chosen, because having both models would be kind of unoriginal, unless they count as the same armor and you can choose the colour ingame. What I try to say is that I’d rather have, let’s say,15 different outfits, than 20 consisting of 10 original ones and 10 colour variations.
    That said, from the first row I prefer nurse and pink dress. And from the second row, armour and explorer outfit.
    Anyways, awesome art! :yay:

  5. XLine

    They all look great! However, I personally don’t like pink much. I’m assuming the top row is the Natz variant, and the bottom is the Anna variant? I would use a bit less pink, but I love the designs- especially the Plate Armor suit. Hope to see more from Ronja, too!

  6. Spirare

    My favorite is the top version of the second armor. :smirk:

    Also, I see there are elbow bands or sleeves on all of them… Couldn’t(/would take too long to) fix the joints…?

  7. Kkots

    As a bearer of a few fetishes I really wish I liked the nurse outfits more, but something in their coloring doesn’t click in my brain.
    They are not purely white, that it.

    And as for now, my favorite is the explorer outfit! :D

  8. robby214ty

    Hey, just wondering, are you a madoka magicka Fan? Because that one is my favorite. The second from the right.

  9. Aysu

    The plate armour reminds me of Jude Mathis’ outfit from Tales of Xillia; at least the top one does. It must be the colours.

    Anyway, the plate armour is my favourite, but I really like the magical girl and the explorer armours, too!

  10. Justin Zhou

    So many memories from madoka magica… You had better put the magical girl outfit in the game or else! (or else nothing but seriously, put that in the game please.)


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