25 thoughts on “EBF5: Bows 2

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  2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I like the far right Emerald Bow on this set. I’m not a big bow person, so take me with a grain of salt.

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  5. Matheus "Thisx" Gonçalves

    I’ve been thinking… Why do Anna’s and Lance’s attacks are melee, if both of them are ranged? Why don’t you make a simple ranged attack, and then make the ranged skills more flashy? This isn’t even a suggestion, though, just thinking about it. 🙂
    Anyway, i really like the bows, but i’d really like to see new ones! Even though i love some of the old bows, i love new things even more! :stars:

    1. Spirare

      Well, I like Lance’s current attack. I always think of it like this: It hits twice, so maybe he slashes with his gunblade, then fires a shot from it immediately after.

      Besides, why would he have a gunsword if he didn’t use any melee attacks?

  6. Ovnidemon

    Hello, Matt.

    I have kind of a silly idea for a Limit Break: a Limit Break that grow with the number of weapon fully upgraded, both in term of power and animation. By example, for Matt: Raining Swords/ Ragnarok (Each swords fully upgraded fall on the enemy or the more swords full upgraded, the more sword appear (0-25% only the Big Sword, 25-50% one small sword added, …)). I have this idea since EBF 3. I don’t know if it’s doable, so I just say it and you can pick it if you find it interesting.

    And continue your awesome work. More Matt, More Sword, More Epicness. :smirk:

  7. Shraderc.inc

    hey LOVE IT

    my favorite is the Crystal one my friends is the bone one


  8. Stefan Kriechmus

    The first bow should have a black ergonomic grip in the middle for my taste.
    The fourth one (bone bow) looks for me too massive.
    And the blade on the third one doesn’t really fit into the sheme of the bow. The third one could have some more leaves (especially when there’s a ghillie suit).

    However I like the fifth one and the last one.But for me the arrows of the fifth maybe should have multiple endings.

  9. Medlin

    The thing I don’t really like is that some of arrows are just recolored versions of others. For example the 2nd and the 3rd arrows are pretty much simillar and the 5th arrow is same as the 4th and the 5th in previous bunch. Same for the 2nd and the 6th of the first bunch. Bows themselves are nice though.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      You’ll never see more than one type of arrow on screen at the same time in the game. It won’t be noticeable, I swear.

  10. Kkots

    For some reason I keep thinking that the bone staff has legs stretched to the sides and an anus in the middle.
    Can’t.. UNSEE!…… :ooo:

    “Bone” staff, kek

        1. Spirare

          If you’re talking about EBF4: Godcat, the god of this world, a cat.

          If you’re talking about EBF5: …Seriously? Be patient. 😐


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