EBF5: Bows 1

Here’s the first bunch of bows, it’s my favorites from EBF4. They haven’t changed much at all, I just polished them up a bit. More interesting stuff coming up in the next batch!

More weapons for Epic Battle Fantasy 5:
Swords: 1 2 3          Staves: 1 2 3          Guns: 1 2 3          Bows: 1 2 3          Cat Toys: 1 2 3
Bows 1

17 thoughts on “EBF5: Bows 1

  1. Ariel Neidorf

    I’d love to have bonus spells and attacks always activate with all attacks, and personal attacks (e.g. combo shot, unleash, spectrum)
    Natz needs to have a spell that targets all foes, and purely relies on her weapon

  2. bigrunner9

    Personally I loved the alchemy bow from EBF4 as one of my favorite weapons, really unique effect. :yay: :yay:

    1. That one guy that names himself after a color.

      Using Arrow Rain with it and watching the craziness happen was always fun. I had a surprising amount of luck when it came to landing Instant Deaths. :yay:

      1. WrathofDerping

        You could use it on its own or equip a status accessory, thats what i like about it…
        So much Syphon…So much Freeze… SO. MUCH. DEATH! (Technically Doom, but whatevs)

  3. SomaSam

    If we are allow to make suggestions, I may have a few.

    You have lot of recurve bows, but perhaps you could put in a British long bow or a compound bow?

    Two interesting ideas would be: a Harp bow, multiple strings, but only one main one for shooting arrows. Could add little music effects or a ripple in the other strings as well. And a loom bow. Got the idea from someone talking about spiders above, and made me think a loom or textile bow would be interesting. Maybe even a spining wheel.

    Only one i’d really want back would be the sky feather.

  4. Polenen

    I’d like to see the alchemist bow stay unique, it was probably my favorite weapon from the previous game.

    1. Spirare

      Well, you can give her honeycombs to boost her HP.

      If that isn’t enough in the middle of a battle, you can also use orange juice.

  5. Spirare

    Ooh, that thunder bow again.

    Well, if there’s a robot level, I know what to equip Anna with.


    I really really hope there won’t be any Copper Fish-type enemies there (healing from thunder). If there are, well…

    Just 1 alone was harder to kill than the Praetorian when I was “correctly” equipped for the Factory… :scared:


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