EBF5: Swords 2

2nd batch of swords! I know Anarchy is a popular one, but it’s not coming back because I want to draw a new dark sword. Anyway, most of the weapons actually look like weapons this time. The next bunch will be full of much weirder stuff. I’ve gotten used to the new tablet and things are going pretty smoothly now.

Which one’s your favourite?

More weapons for Epic Battle Fantasy 5:
Swords: 1 2 3          Staves: 1 2 3          Guns: 1 2 3          Bows: 1 2 3          Cat Toys: 1 2 3
swords 2

26 thoughts on “EBF5: Swords 2

  1. Dule_Kralj

    My thoughts on these from left to right

    1. A yellow reskinned Blood Blade, yikes! Guess its the new thunder weapon
    2. Some sort of Axe-Spear thingy? seems like a cool earth weapon
    3. Im not sure which element this love one will be, but i think its a healing weapon
    4. This one is my favourite, but i think it would suck if its a wind weapon
    5. Damn, heavens gate looks good, but i thought that it hade a weird writing on it…hmm
    6. Cool ice spike thingy…
    7. This axe is either a thunder, or a holy weapon

    CANT WAIT 4 EBF 5 :stars: :stars: :stars: :shades:

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  6. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    I’m a huge fan of fire and fire-related products… but that icicle spear (second from right) looks awesome. Love it. :ooo:

  7. That one guy that names himself after a color.

    It would be cool to see a couple references to other series in Matt’s weapons. Just imagine him swinging Galaxia or the Monado around! :stars: Of course, the added effects would be a bit hard to come up with, but it would be some great fanservice.

  8. SomaSam

    So it seems the Golden Dragon and the blood blade had a baby? It looks pretty nice.

    The Glaive looks pretty familiar, I think you had done something similar to it in the past, at some point?

    But that 4th sword is very very nice looking. Can’t wait to see what its thing is.

  9. Justin Zhou

    I will support an achievement that tells you to beat the final boss with the valentines sword. (Is it valentines’ sword or valentines sword?)

  10. HotchAr

    DANG they’re all good. special mentions to the perennial heaven’s gate and the pink heart sword, for the slight jokiness of it. :yay:
    if I had to say something, it would probably be that the second from each end seems quite clunky, which doesn’t appeal to me personally, because I guess I’m a sucker for baroque ornamentation.
    which makes me wonder if there’s some way to make more modern swords to compliment lance’s modern artillery. maybe a light sword or a beam saber that is clearly not derived from any franchise begun in the 70’s/80’s with a recent addition to it’s canon 😐

  11. Kupofan

    The heart and 4th swords (I don’t know how to define it XD) have a really good design. I’m impressed.
    Still, my love goes for the double-edged sword just because it reminds me of FFIX :love:
    Maybe you could add a reference to Zidane when Matt equips that sword? :stars: :stars: :stars: (I wouldn’t ask this if you hadn’t done it before. You know, when Matt looks inside that weapon wardrobe in EBF4 :P)

  12. The_Setup_Wizard

    I love the subtle additions to Heaven’s Gate with each game. By the way, could someone tell me what the runes on every other runic weapon, including batch 1, mean please?
    Oh, and I already know Heaven’s Gate’s runes mean “Heaven”.

  13. Aleflippy

    I’d say the ice one is the one I like the most , but the pinkish one looks pretty good too! And yup…Matt would be nothing without Heaven’s gate :shades:

  14. oscarg

    Guesses from left to right:

    Thunder blade: Looks like the new thunder weapon, looks nice; The thunder dragon never really looked that appealing to me, so this one seems like a cool replacement.
    Spear?: This looks like one of those trademark non-elemental weapons to me, so there’s that.
    Heart blade: No idea, but from the looks of it im probably missing some sort of reference i think.
    Dark blue blade: It’s just a hunch, but im suspecting this to be a wind sword, looks ok.
    Heaven’s gate: Was a holy sword, is still a holy sword.
    Ice torch: Ice weapon, looks pretty interesting with the visible cone in the ice.
    Golden axe: No idea, but it looks cool.


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