EBF5: Swords 1

I made the first bunch of swords! These are all from the previous games, but some of them have changed quite a bit. Which one’s your favourite? What other swords do you want to see coming back?

More weapons for Epic Battle Fantasy 5:
Swords: 1 2 3          Staves: 1 2 3          Guns: 1 2 3          Bows: 1 2 3          Cat Toys: 1 2 3
swords 1

31 thoughts on “EBF5: Swords 1

  1. SuperMX


    1. FlameEdge 50% fire may cast plume, counter attacks with normal attack. (starter weapon)
    2. GoldenThunder 50% stuns foes thunder may cast the Shock.
    3. Icicle Spear 50% ice freezes foes may cast tundra, counter attack with normal attack.
    4. Earthsplitter 50% earth cast rockfall counters with quake.
    5. Dark fang 50% poison poisons foes counter attack with a normal attack
    6. Flaming Dragon 50% fire burns target cast dragon flame on to the foe
    7. Silver Wind 50% wind fast sword able to counter attacks with air slash ( a newer version of wind slash)
    8. Fish Slayer 50% water a sword that shaped like a fish cast torrent, counters attacks with normal attack
    9. Life’s Limit 50% Holy drains HP powers up holy skills and makes the target weaken.
    10. Vanguard a high defensive sword which counters attack with normal attack (starter weapon)
    11. Twilight Blade 50% holy drains MP on the target that boost holy skills and may cast light sword on the target with certain skills.
    12. Hero’s Sword a high attacking sword which boost the power of non-elemental skills.
    13. Shadow’s Bane 50% dark boost the power of dark skills curses the player counters attack with corrupt.
    14. Cloud Buster 50% wind boost the power of wind

  2. Isaac Shergold

    Nice to see the weapons still look badass.
    I’d love to see a sword made of loads of knives taped together.
    I can imagine Matt just going “what’s better than a sword? Dozens of swords!”

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  5. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    Favorite? The yellowish sword fourth from the left. That thing looks pretty sweet. Also a fan of the guitar. Great to see that back. Promise me it’ll make a satisfying guitar sting when you hit a foe with it? *Pwang!* :yay:

  6. Aleflippy

    So hard to choose… So I won’t. I’ll just say the sword at the far right is the one I like the least! All the others are great

  7. Shraderc.inc

    inferno blade dfinitely.

    also the ice blade dosent sparkle or shine. i know it seems like a nit pick but it just seems dull 😐

  8. kikaiHeni

    Can we talk about the Soul Eater making her grand comeback in the game? Because that’s the one thing more awesome than seeing all those swords at last :stars:

  9. oscarg

    The swords seem a lot thinner then in the previous games, it’s a pretty significant difference with the sapphire giant and the stone edge.

    1. oscarg

      Also, the inferno looks badass. To be honest, i didnt really feel much for the magma hammer in comparison to the other fire weapons.

  10. HotchAr

    my eyes go directly to the middle three, bright blue, bright orange, and the longest one. admittedly the drill seems vaguely out of place since I consider Matt a slasher not a poker, but I could be wrong (he gives me the impression of lacking finesse… 😐 )
    one of the sets that i’ve been liking in the previous groups was the fluorescent lightbulb set (not sure I remember a specific gun for it, but I’m fairly certain there was a cat toy and a staff, and I can’t refresh my memory this very second)
    part of me kinda hopes the floating music note isn’t permanently fixed to the guitar.
    I admire and would love to see more use of negative space in the upcoming sets.
    I feel this comment lacks closure…maybe self reference can fix it :sick:

  11. SomaSam

    THE BLACK FANG! Wonderful, First swords set and I am already satisfied. The revamped Inferno is also really good looking.

    Would love to see the rune blade back, since it has been one of the staples in EBF.
    That and the Dragon Killer/Golden Dragon, it would be amazing to see little sparks of lightning glance up and down the dragon.

    Other than those two, I’d really like to see some new weapons. Perhaps something green? Matt’s arsenal has been lacking in green. And maybe try a few other kinds of melee weapon types. If I remember correctly, Matt has mainly uses swords, a couple of spears, an axe, a hammer, and a club.

    Perhaps a rapier (Though to be fair, Matt’s combat style doesn’t really flow with that), cutlass, or scimitar? A naginata, or any other blade on a stick, might also be very fun to design.

    One out-there, silly idea would be a weapon rack. Matt wields a weapon rack with a bunch of swords on it, or just caries a ton of swords strapped to his back, and uses them at random for each attack. This could give a major boost to attack, as well as random elements with each slash. I could see this being a slight issue to draw and animate, but it is a fun idea to think about.

    1. SomaSam

      A few other weapons that could match Matt’s style of combat: A mace, a rocket hammer, a trident of some sort?, a giant piece of mutten or a lamb leg perhaps. A glaive or halberd might be fun too. Since you have the native american style staff and bow, perhaps a native american pipe tomahawk?

      What would be really cool, a tower shield. Pure defense to turn Matt into the ultimate tank. Probably wouldn’t be that hard to deal with the animations either, most of Matt’s moves would be just shield bashing and smashing it over the enemies heads. And his cast animations would be to ram the base into the ground, just make sure not to flip it around like he does with the swords.

      Not sure if I want the blood blade back or not though, don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing, I just never really thought it was that useful when Natalie or Anna could heal Matt up to full anyway. Preferred to use harder hitting weapons if healing wasn’t an issue.

    2. HotchAr

      Has Matt not had a cutlass before? :ooo: if he hasn’t it’s a grave oversight considering his initial pirate theme. Although thinking about how he uses broadswords (and is kind of a berserker) made me think he could probably use some kind of Celtic warrior costume. :tongue:

  12. Knight's Armament

    Favorite would have to be a tie between Black Fang and Stone Edge.
    -Rune Blade
    -Blood Blade
    -Sol Spear
    -Silver Blade
    -Chainsaw Blade
    -Fusion Sword
    -Maybe Swordbreaker
    -Maybe Dragon Killer/Golden Dragon
    -Maybe Life Shaver
    -Maybe Magma Hammer
    -Maybe Ice Needle
    -Maybe Gash Club
    -Maybe Bone Blade

  13. pionoplayer

    Chainsaw, Heaven’s Gate and the Avenger all need to come back. First one was really fun (and useful for the Glitch in EBF4) and the other two are mainstays.

  14. Spirare

    Add the Heaven’s Gate! It’s the signature weapon of the series.

    Also, I sort of want the Blood Blade back too. 👿 :skull:

    Also, my favorite in these weapons is definitely the Inferno. I feel that some of the orbs could use one of those glow effects you had on a lot of other weapons, but it’s still amazing as it is. :ooo:

  15. Cebutris

    Amazing swords! I’ll re-iterate the fact that we’d all love to see Heaven’s Gate in the new style, and I personally would like to see a Blood Blade. I’d also like to see some original weapons, maybe a Thor’s Hammer-style laser sword (Like you did with the axe in the staves”

    I’m really excited to see more stuff!

  16. A Wikia Editor

    For reference (from left to right): Soul Eater, Black Fang, Drill Lance, Inferno, Sapphire Giant, Razorback, Stone Edge.

    I am glad that some swords from EBF1-3 that were not in EBF4 shall make their reappearance. Especially Black Fang and Inferno (since seems like Sol Spear will go to Natalie this time, and Magma Hammer isn’t exactly as cool as Inferno). BTW, new Inferno looks blazin’ amazin’ and those additional circles on Black Fang are a nice touch. Now-crimson-red Soul Eater looks awesome and way sharper than ever before. I am only a bit sad about Stone Edge loosing those rune that were engraved in the middle.

    As for other swords I would like to see once again (mostly in terms of design, since properties may by changed at will):
    – I really liked Swift Brand (more than Sliver Blade), that hole in the middle, although technically pointless, really emphasises its wind affinity.
    – While Heaven’s Gate comes without second think, Devil’s Sunrise, that kind of feels like a reversed version of it, also had a neat design.
    – The simplicity of Rune Blade’s design of quite nice, and I value that.
    – Blood Blade’s redesign from EBF4 looks really cool, it would be a waste skip that one.
    – Chainsaw Blade, it is in my opinion both cooler and more useful than Chainsaw Gun, an seeing that the later is going to reappear…

  17. Kupofan

    I’d actually like to see as few old weapons as possible.
    Not because I don’t like them -I do!- but just because I prefer new stuff; I find it much more exciting to find a weapon and think “Hey, what’s this?” rather than “Oh, this is the weapon that NPC gave you in EBF4”.
    Of course, I understand that creating new, original things requires quite a lot of effort, so I perfectly understand if you bring old weapons back. I’m just expressing my opinion. :yay:

  18. Owerwritter

    EBF is not EBF at all, if there’s no Heaven’s Gate. Also – Razorback is here, let’s ROCK! :shades:


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