Cintiq Practice

I upgraded my old Bamboo Fun tablet and got a Cintiq 13HD!

It was incredibly awkward to use at first, as expected, but I’ve started to get used to it after only a few hours, so that’s a good start. It feels weird going back to a more natural style of drawing again. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have your hand blocking your drawing, and it’s a shame that the resolution doesn’t match my monitor (I wasn’t ready to splash on the super expensive QHD one). But we’ll see how it goes. I’ll give it a few weeks and let you guys know if it was worth getting or if it’s just an expensive toy.


4 thoughts on “Cintiq Practice

  1. Fernando

    I’m really enjoying your work, your designs are and are getting very beautiful. His last design is fantastic :D
    *-* :love:


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