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  1. Parallax Abstraction

    Hey all! I’m the other guy in the video. I just wanted to say thanks for all the positive comments both here and on the video itself. I especially want to thank Matt (and his gloriously metal hair) for graciously allowing me to be his first ever video interview. This was a first for both of us and I’m sure it shows from my end. :smirk: Behind the Games has been a dream project of mine ever since I started doing YouTube. I love hearing game developers talk about their craft. My channel’s growth has been very slow and I’ve tried for over a year to get developers to come on but most ignore my requests, likely because they don’t know me and because I’m so small. Matt took a chance with me and the video is absolutely blowing up compared to most of mine, which should make it a lot easier to get other developers interested as well. I’ll be forever grateful to Matt for that and I hope the video also gave you all a glimpse into the man responsible for some of the titles many of you clearly love. Thanks again Matt and to everyone who checked it out! It means a ton to me. :love2:

  2. Negi

    I wish I could understand your interesting talks 100%… 😥
    Anyway, take ur time to make games I don’t wanna make u rush.

  3. Justin Zhou

    10/10 Love it. I’m still madly addicted to BH2 and I play while waiting in League of Legends queue. Keep up the good work dude!


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