EBF5: Guns 1

I remade my favourite guns from EBF3 and EBF4!
Well, actually, most of these are from EBF3, I guess there wasn’t many from EBF4 that I wanted to keep. I’ve got some interesting ideas for the next batch.

Which one’s your favourite from this bunch?
Do you think I missed any that should be brought back?

More weapons for Epic Battle Fantasy 5:
Swords: 1 2 3          Staves: 1 2 3          Guns: 1 2 3          Bows: 1 2 3          Cat Toys: 1 2 3
guns 1



23 thoughts on “EBF5: Guns 1

  1. Anonymous

    what about some of the terraria guns like S.D.M.G, Star cannon, electrosphere launcher etc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. RudeSmileFoxy1987

      Also stuff like bfg from the original doom and an add on to terraria the KO cannon. There’s also the portal gun, Nerf stampede and thunder gun from cod, I am new I didn’t realize how to put my username its RudeSmileFoxy1987 love EBF5 btw on second play through.

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  4. Sir Vouchfarce

    The Super Snipe can’t just be left out! I was also really fond of the Steel Shark in EBF3, Lance was, and alwasy will be, the secondary Mage of the group.

    As for what you’ve already drawn…

    The Thunder Core was a sweet gun, boosting up Lance’s zappy magic, but I rarely used it in EBF4, as most foes weak to thunder were weak to bomb as well, I usually opted for the Mini Bomber. I’d like to see it back anyways though, it was still super useful in some situations. Oh, and maybe change the lighting bits on the gun to purple, to match Lance’s spells? I think somebody said that already, but whatever.

    The Heavy Claw would be good if Lance had skills besides Snipe/Double Shot/Unload that were physical bomb attacks. I never really used it in EBF4, as I personally think he’s better for magic. I’d prefer seeing the Mini Bomber come back, but if you didn’t give the Claw a magic attack debuff…

    The Ark Angel is, aesthetically, one of the coolest guns in the game. I’d love to see it brought back, though maybe a holy skill or two besides Holy Fire should be given to Lance as well…

    The Shadow Blaster should just take on the form of the Phantom and keep it’s own stats. Maybe some magic defense bonuses.

    Subzero? Just give Lance better ice spells than Icicle and- well, Blizzard was ok.

    The Vortex Cannon NEEDS to come back. That and whatever the Speakers of Death skill was were the only things keeping me alive during the Epic Rainbow Rafflasia battle. I don’t even think I have to mention how freakishly quickly Shockwave/Airwave would demolish anything weak to wind.

    Deep Blue was amazing in EBF3 due to the insane lack of Water Damage, but lost out in EBF4 due to basically no water skills available for Lace to use, as Bubbles/Bubble Blast was much better off in Natalie’s Hands. I still want it back though.

    All in all? I love the art style, and the guns look great, just maybe tweak the game a bit if you personally want all of them to be useful in-game.

  5. oscarg

    Thunder core always looked cool. But the look of the weapon (yellowish) really didnt mesh well with lance’s actual thunder skills which were all purple. But that was more of an issue with the skills then the gun.

    The heavy claw is a weapon i really wanted to like in EBF4. It boosted defence quite a bit, had high attack, multiple resistances including dispel and it lowered enemy defence aswell. I always used the mini bomber though, because due to balance problem you were pretty much better of using lance for magic since matt and anna already do lots of physical damage.

    The ark angel looks pretty good here. I never really liked the god hand from EBF4. Hopefully there are some skills for it to use since the only holy spell that lance could have was holy fire which didnt really look like something you would fire out of a gun.

    The shadow blaster looks okay. I dont really have anything to say about that one. It did its job nicely.

    The deep freeze is also another weapon that i really wanted to like. Lance just didnt have the skills to make it work. (well, he did, but the casting animation for blizzard and icicle wasnt fitting well).

    Vortex cannon was by far the best gun from EBF4. It was just made for spamming shockwave and killing everything with a weakness to wind INSTANTLY.
    Hopefully this one will still have awesome +90% magic attack.

    Deep blue was an awesome weapon back in EBF3, but became quite meager in 4 due to the balance issue’s mentioned earlier. It had +70% attack and that could have been amazing if lance had access to flood. But he didnt, and anna got it instead why? She already had aqua arrow which was a better skill then flood and all lance got was bubbles which were better off in natalie’s hands.

  6. HotchAr

    the one that appeals most to me is the white and blue winged one (haven’t checked up on previous games enough to remember the weapons)
    in general, though, I’m finding myself drawn to the more colorful ones that really pop off the screen. the issue with my saying this NOW, is that I normally prefer things that blend in with their surroundings (eg. use the haunted house items in the haunted house, not the windy cliffs that come after, except that they come in the big box at the end) :bleh:
    Basically, I think I’m saying that I’m excited to see them in context, as it changes the impression they leave, so what looks cool now might look tacky in context, and less extravagant ones that fade away here, will be better in game for not making your eyes bleed. :wut:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      That’s true, I’m trying to standardize the colors I use in this game so there’s not as much contrast between all the different items and equips. But there probably still will be a lot.

  7. Owerwritter

    GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love2: :stars: *drools like NoLegs*

  8. Stefan Kriechmus

    Anyways, how about making a thread or something for your community’s ideas? I would really suggest it for topics like gags and jokes in future games.
    However I would like to see a reference to Elphelt Valentine’s gun from “Guilty Gear”. I think it has the right colour that “fits” to Lance his personality.

  9. Stefan Kriechmus

    “I’ve got some interesting ideas for the next batch.”
    – Let le guess… there’s going to be the Nintendo Super Scope as like NoLegs will have the NES Power-Glove and the NES Zapper?

  10. TmmRanger

    I want to see the old sniper, that gun with the death type. It’s my favourite so far!
    And from this guns I really like the left one! :yay:

  11. A Wikia Editor

    For reference (from top left to bottom right): Thunder Core, Heavy Claw, Ark Angel, Shadow Blaster, Sub Zero, Vortex Cannon, Deep Blue.
    Ark Angel looks amazing.

    I think Heavy Claw, though it looks quite cool, has some usability problems (mostly due to being physical oriented, Mini Bomber is way more practical, and summons those cool mini missiles).
    Chainsaw Gun, though it looks quite mediocre (is kind of weirdly short, Chainsaw Blade is cooler) will probably be a popular demand, because reasons.
    Personally, I would like to see once again Ultra Zapper (especially since NoLegs has one as well) and Destroyer (as I quite like its sleek design, though I actually rarely used the weapon). Super Snipe is fine as well, though seems like it got quite obsolete after time. I really liked Steel Shark, and although its design isn’t really stunning, I would be glad to see some kind of re-imagination, something with similar concept.

    As for potential new weapons, one idea that I would really enjoy, is creating a musical weapon for each character, not sure about Lance, but for example, Anna could get bow designed after a harp while Natalie a contrabass stave (or just well, guitars for everyone!). Just throwing some thoughts.

    1. Blue Round

      I really liked the heavy claw though, 😥 , I remember cheesing through the last part of the temple with natz debuffing the enemies deffence, matt buffing lance’s attack and then one tank guns (buffed by heavy claw) would complete anihilate anything they throwed at me (well, except dragons and monolyths); sometimes I would also add a accuracy buff for added overkill, air strike is a bit unreliable when dealing with multiple enemies and big blast’s damage was a big underwhelming…
      The Ultra Zapper is nice too, that solar flare each 2 turns would utterly destroy any hope my foes had to actually hit me. :stars:

  12. Knight's Armanent

    The Super Snipe, Chainsaw, Ultra Zapper, God Hand, Flamethrower, Red Vulcan, Quake Maker, and Phantom should all return in one form or another, they have good visual designs.

    Maaaybe the Rapturer and the Steel Shark, but those look rather cheesy.

    1. pionoplayer

      Yeah, I wanna see most of those in as well.
      Well, I’m okay without the quake maker and phantom (as well as rapturer and steel shark) but those other ones were some of my favorites.

      That super snipe saw me through half of EBF3. It has personal value.

  13. Benrave

    I kind of miss the sniper rifle.
    And, since Lance hates cats so much, have you thought about making some sort of gun that uses them as ammunition? Maybe a catling gun


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