EBF5: Cat Toys 3

Here’s the last bunch of cat toys! Which one’s your favourite?
I’ve been moving home but I’m mostly settled now. I’ll write more about that later!

More weapons for Epic Battle Fantasy 5:
Swords: 1 2 3          Staves: 1 2 3          Guns: 1 2 3          Bows: 1 2 3          Cat Toys: 1 2 3

cat toys 3

19 thoughts on “EBF5: Cat Toys 3

  1. Stefan Kriechmus

    🙁 I would really like to see NoLegs with a yarn as shield and a faked cat paw as weapon…. 🙁
    However, those “cat toys” look great.

  2. oscarg

    Guesses from left to right:

    Riot gear: No idea, high defence maybe? Looks pretty cool.
    Staff and book: Magic stuff.
    Turtle and swordfish (wtf): Water based i guess?
    Kirby shield and hammer: I cannot really make a guess for this one, it’s hard to determine the element for alot of these cat toys, so maybe alot of them dont have elements.
    Reverse gun and power fist: Im gonna guess it’s gonna be so bad.
    Moneybag and tiny pirate sword: Maybe this one gives buffs or something?

    1. RPG_Lover

      I think that bonkers hammer would be like an attack which would pierce enemy’s armor and very little def and money bag would steal as money as damage done.


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