29 thoughts on “EBF5: Cat Toys 1

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  4. HotchAr

    reading this one after the second set, they stand out less, but mostly seem more functional, I do like the axe though.
    I think that particular crucified cat would be more palatable if you made the cat either plush (making it seem more of a joke/cute) or wood (many catholic crosses do have a figure sculpted on)

  5. leffe

    Hi Matt, i also have random ideas for EBF5. I’m dreaming from when i was 5 years old these characters come in the game (items too :3)
    So… i think i could send them to you ! can I ? I gonna mail you if you say yes… please answer…
    P.S. i’m 9 years old :yay:

  6. RSC

    good looking but I fully support Pikciwok removal suggestion : nailed jesus cat weapon is incredibly bad taste.

    Suggestion : Yin/Yang “shield”
    Effect : no stat or protection bonus but allows nolegs to traget anyone (friend or foe) with single target actions and the “wrong” team with team target effect.
    With this you could give onions to ennemies currently affected by damage status of an element they absorb, boost ennemy’s attack (to get better healing from their attacks)
    attack your own team (to heal the team, raise limit break bar, decrease life for better revenge damage, get situationly good status effect…).
    For it not to be overly exploitable, shields could drop after one or more hits (like they always did for cats since EBF1) depending on the shield, and only be reusable next battle.

    I also suggest a “confused” status effect : if possible, next target has to be chosen from the wrong team.

  7. Pikciwok

    The one with a sausage.

    If I were you I would remove pinned cat from the cross. Some folks may complain about that.

  8. Kendokai

    Ya know, i love a good laugh and all, but i would like to see a few more serious weapons for NoLegs. Kay?

  9. oscarg

    That was my job!

    Ah well, it’s gonna be really weird to have nolegs as a character, how is he gonna stand aside all the others? He’s a cat!

    1. Isaac Shergold

      Maybe Nolegs is going to specialise in non-elemental damage?
      Matt is boss killer, Natali is Mage, Lance is an all rounder and Anna is support and DOT.
      Maybe he could also use water abilities, water has always been very underused in EPF.

    2. Isaac Shergold

      (Dang no edit)
      Also, seeing as he’s the only one to have a shield maybe Nolegs could draw enemy Aggro and tank and use defensive abilities.

  10. robby214ty

    Im gonna try to analyze these… starting from top left.

    1: basic sword and shield. probably no element?
    2: Red leaf, symbolising fall, and a sword with a white hilt. Im guessing wind or nature/earth?
    3: minecraft sword qand shield. probably an easter egg, and it is most likely a bonus to al lstats, or it has high defence?
    4: skull and bone. monst likely death/darkness.
    5: Black bible and cat on a cross. im guessing this is holy, but i really dont see how nolegs uses this for holy..
    6: battle axe and wood shield. maybe +defence? not sure what element though.
    7: hot sauce and a hotdog on a giant fork. hmmmm….. im guessing another easter egg, and it might heal the team on attack?
    8: syringe….. a syringe… oh, and a bloodbag. im guessing it likely could work as a functioning scanner thing, blood can give tons of information. other than that, heal self on attack?


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