EBF5: Style Test

The first preview of Epic Battle Fantasy 5 content!
This is just to test out the new art style, which is very similar to the old art style.

I’m just gonna leave this here without much comment, and you guys can speculate about the new features that are showed off here. Though I should point out that there’s no interactivity, besides the quality button and some easter eggs.

Merry Early Christmas!

240 thoughts on “EBF5: Style Test

  1. Silver

    It’s not bad, but I prefer the art style in EBF4. The interface contrasted better with the stages, and the character models looked better in general. I think that sacrificing detail is an error, even with your style. I think the UI design itself is pretty nice, with the enemy names and levels displayed, as well as the wave and weather (which will hopefully be an awesome mechanic!) being in the top left. All in all, the former UI art was better, and some design aspects from it should return (like seeing a complete description of the ability when you roll over it, not just the element and status effect. Physical/Magical and details need to be available in battle). The models are alright, but compared to EBF4 they just look lackluster, like the life was drained out of them. The black lines are obnoxiously visible against the colors, and Natalie’s color scheme seems off.

    I’ll probably end up buying the game no matter what you do, Kupo, since even if the art style isn’t as good as EBF4 I’m sure it’ll still be a kick-ass game as always, but there’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Good luck and have fun! :shades:

  2. DojoGod

    Just wanted to suggest a Dojo area. I was thinking it could be like a tournament sort of level. Optional area where you can get some new gear and finally be taught by the Black Belt who hoodwinked us in EBF4. Just a suggestion though. :stars:

  3. João Victor Gonçalves

    Waw, I think that you’re doing a so great work here! Totally excited for the game release. :love2: :love2: :stars: :stars: :hurray: :hurray: :yay: :yay:

  4. guilherme

    nossa adorei! o antigo já era d + esse é ainda melhor!! ADOREI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :love: :love: :love: :love2: :love2: :love2: :yay: :yay: :yay: :smirk: :yay: :hurray: :tongue: :love2: 😐 :sick: :scared: :wut: ❓ ➡ :skull: 👿 👿

  5. guilherme

    nossa adorei! o antigo já era d + esse é ainda melhor!! ADOREI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :love: :love: :love: :love2: :love2: :love2: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  6. aiui

    :tongue: :ooo: :hurray: :yay: :smirk: :love: :love2: :stars: 🙁 😐 :meh: :bleh: 😥 :sick: :scared: :shades: 😡 :wut: ❓ ❗ ➡ :skull: :phone: :phone2: :coffee: :bacon: 👿

  7. aiui

    you need to change that art
    it’s very :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: :scared: :scared: :scared: :scared: :wut: ❓

  8. aiui

    invest in game history
    :shades: :yay: :stars: :love2: :coffee: :phone: :phone2: :bacon: 👿

  9. aiui

    nao joguei ainda mas se desse pra conectar a história dos games e spin-offs anteriores ficaria muito bom

    nao se esqueça de abilidades de cura e status bônus
    aguardo com grandes espectativas o EBF5

    :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  10. xnon

    I do hope that the equipment can change their appearance after upgrading to the maximum level……

  11. Aaron

    Why would you have attacked the enemies without having scanned them first? That just seems silly. What if those are the only instances of that enemy?

    Anyway, I would suggest that scanning shouldn’t take a turn. In the current system in either EP3 or EP4, you can run from any enemy at any time. This means that the best course of action when you encounter a new enemy is to scan the enemy, and then run away and then restart the fight to get your turn back. That’s kind of stupid; maybe just automatically scan them or something?

  12. Mec


  13. solite96

    It feels good to replay EBF3 after playing EBF4 to refresh my memory and see how much this game has improved. I like the way the treasure boxes being collected in EBF3 (includes the secret areas), going through the maze to collect all the fancy equipment, rather than “locks and keys” mechanism in EBF4. I do hope that EBF5 can combine both styles of treasure hunting, :love2:

  14. Tyler

    absolutly amazing my friend! i love the series and remember when the 2nd game came out, i didnt own a pc till around 2009, thats when i started playing kongregate and i found your games, i fell in love with the series then and i’ve been waiting for this day for awhile now!

  15. Snake8898

    Love the simplistic art style! If you make a demo I would gladly (love to) test it for you. I just hope this one is nicer to my wallet. That said bring on the :bacon:

  16. felipevit

    the best game of the year(in my opinion). :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

  17. alili chan~

    I loved ALL of your EBF games~! :love:
    SOOO… I’m SUPER syced for EBF5~!!! :yay:
    Tho I must say I do have some complaints… 🙁
    I don’t think that sleevless natz is good… (It makes her look muscular :scared: )
    Also… WHATS WITH HER EARRINGS??? (No good. no good AT ALL 😡 )



    I SOOOO~ LIKED THE ART!!! :love:
    I know – it’s mellow compered to the art in EBF4… BUUUT… it’s also cute in it’s own way :wut:
    OH, and I loved the fact that NoLags is now an active character~! :love: :yay: (Tho you still need to work on his design a bit. Somehow… it’s not in sync with the humen characters… too big maybe…? or too big of a head…? :wut: )
    I’m not an expert on the rast tho…


    :stars: -> :bacon:

  18. Marky

    yay EBF5 is here :hurray: :love2: :love: BUT ❓ ❗ it needs a little something that can defeat EBF4 😥
    how about adding passive skils also and also NOLEGS should be the main character a quest for legs cause cats were curse to have no legs :shades:

  19. booyah10

    Just a few ideas since I have been a fan of your work since before EBF3 was released on Kongregate. Please don’t take any of these personally I tried to make them sound as helpful as possible =)
    1. Personally I find it sad that I can only put 3 characters out at a time but it does add strategy so I can accept that. For example in EBF4 I swap my party constantly depending on what spells I need to use and if someone is going to die soon. It would be quite fun though to be able to use them all at once.
    2. I like the new weather status effect? Maybe it increases/decreases stat like higher chance of burn and decreased stun or something. Does it change every turn or every few turns? Or a completely random variable that stays throughout the battle (constant)
    3. I like that you put into 1 spell the Single-target and the all-target spell. From what you showed us, if we use it on 1, it does 120 power, and if to all, 80 power. I like it. At least it is a nice change from EBF3-4.
    4. The removal of the mp is rather debatable though since it adds that conservation of mana element, which I like. Though it could be a part of your big plan =)
    5. I like that No-legs is a playable character now. I assume he offers support buffs/skills and natalie becomes a full attack mage. While Lance/Anna is still a hybrid attacker and Matt is a full physical fighter.
    6. The SP bar is for special summon skills right? If so, why is the color the same as the color of the Special Attack bar of the characters? I fear that it may lead to confusion.
    7. I also like the varying levels of the enemies. Perhaps if given the time and opportunity, give them more skills to use?
    8. The only easter egg I see is Nat’s jiggle thing lol :stars:
    9. I always like the music you put into the game, so we all have high expectations for beautiful and fitting music.
    10. I agree with some people that I think you should try other backgrounds. I think you have used the nature thing too long. I think you should explore other themes and thoroughly show us what your imagination can bring forth. Though a background like the 4 seasons wouldn’t be bad.
    11. I always like the crossovers you do and the 4th wall breaking. It’s what defines this game as a parody since EBF 1 lol. I’m always engrossed in the story so I am excited for that as well.
    12. I have recently came across the Hyperdimension Neptunia series and I think you can learn a few things from that series since it loves breaking the 4th wall and having crossovers with various other games and series.
    13. Maybe an incentive for constantly changing active party is to have a buff? Like if the original 3 is active, it gives a certain buff (like defense up) and when you swap 1 out the buff changes.
    14. Good luck! Don’t push yourself too far. Always remember to have fun making the game and always believe in yourself! :shades:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Thanks. Yeah, there will be more incentive to swap characters in battle this time. Weather will just be a spell that is cast every turn and affects everyone predictably, and can be exploited – rain, smog, etc.
      You won’t start in a forest this time!

  20. Knaight

    I would like to recommend to put EBF5 as well as EBF4 into android :phone2: :shades: …it would be pretty awesome :stars: :bacon: …
    (To be honest, I don’t have much time to spend on my pc…so i usually play games on my phone 🙁 :yay: … I really appreciate it if you do so :love: )
    BTW… I love NoLeg’s ears… they are sooooooooooooo CUTE :ooo: !!!! feel like wanna hug them till I die from its cuteness… maybe u should add some myth monster like medusa or leviathan or cerberus 👿 to make the game more epic…and… I wonder…do you have any intention to make EBF series game into movies or animation? if you do, I would be gladly to watch it :stars: :stars: … :yay:


    rip five man combat 😥 😥 😥 the weather stuff looks cool though, can’t wait to see what you could do with that :yay:

  22. HereIsJonny

    First thing I did is click on Natalie boobies. They still bounce. 10/10 would click again. :yay:

  23. The_BlazeMan

    The profile picture thingy for Natalie looks really really derpy… :wut: but I don’t know in exactly what way. I did prefer the EBF4 style with the flatter outlines, but this one’s also really cool :hurray:

  24. Nolegs fan1991

    NOLEGS FULLY PLAYABLE :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: ❗

  25. Mdkwwkdm

    I would like to recommend another player, i’ve been playing EBF’s for years, and it plays a big role in my childhood. could you please make another player for us to enjoy :). I have really enjoyed all EBF and i have finished it all except for 1 and 2.
    I would like to suggest a caveman player :). Just some suggestion, but i have been yearning for the release of EBF 5, the problem in EBF four is that i can’t play the dark mountain. Goodluck, and God speed. 🙂 <3 :love2: :stars:

  26. Dash Xavier

    Maybe certain armors will have small changes depending on the weather?
    Also, I get the feeling since there’s no mana bar in the HUD that maybe magic might work like it does in FFVIII, the draw system, or something along those lines. That’s my guess anyway.

  27. Romarys

    I have an idea:
    Each boss of the game be a legendary heroe, like King Arthur or Hercules. :stars: :stars: :shades: :shades:

  28. Jeanio

    Matt If you read me i want to give you a advice, if you are hesitating between the old HUD and the new one beacause of the replies, you still can add both and make possible to change it, but i really love the new one! :stars:

  29. GravityZilk

    I liked how you finally made the enemy health HUD more detailed after 4 games. It really adds a touch to it and makes it look less “random”, in my point of view. I don’t mind if the art style did not change at all, because most indifferent games aren’t like the huge triple a games where you need to change the art style or innovate it. Unless you plan to own a triple A gaming industry, Matt. But it is only a hypothese, it is up to you to choose. But remember that your fans love how you are now, and what you have done for us so far.

    One more thing is, noLegs will be a new character? If so, can’t wait to see his abilities and stats, as well his attack animations. :stars:

  30. Sam Akers

    I really like the new art style, I think it makes it more simplistic than the old more complex look, which is a nice change. Personally i think you should add a bit more dialogue and story build-up, because while the other games were great, they were a bit lacking in plot. Thanks kupo for making these awesome games for us, and keep it up!

  31. DragonianDeity

    :stars: the series has never left me unsatisfied, so this new look and added character (nolegs) is anticipated greatly. Please keep us up to date when this will be coming out, and lastly, BOING!

  32. felix0808

    Wow Matt, i am so exited that you decided develop EBF5. EBF3 was good, EBF4 was amazing, and now EBF5 in the making. Hype hype hype :stars:

  33. Poran

    Matt Roszak its great to see NoLegs as a part of our team. :smirk: But . . . where is Lance out of the picture? And will it get any more characters in? If yes, please include me in the game! :love: :love2: :stars: And also add those good songs. If you are adding me, then my name is Poran. :smirk: I have not understand the game much now because as you have only given a picture now.

  34. Kaiei

    I dont know if you already decided it but, wouldnt a sixth character, which could be a dog(or another cat) be smart. Since it looks like nolegs uses male armor and swords from matt. I think 3 Kinds of armor would be better and the last character could use something like a shield while nolegs could use things like clubs or throwing weapons. :shades:
    Well anyway love how everything looks and am already excited to play some EBF 1-4 again before the release of EBF 5.

  35. EBF Fan

    Hi Matt,

    This looks great and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    Please ignore the haters – I’ve loved these games since forever. They are a brilliant way to relieve stress and I really appreciate all the work you put into them.

    Thanks again!


  36. SephirotStrife

    Ooookay. Boobclicking: check. :yay:
    Weather-feature, wonderfull.^^ Will be kinda tough if it rains and you have a boss with only fire weakness.
    With NoLegs as playable character we got 6 and also may expect some split in two groups 3 each and find some stuff or de/activate button features.

    Also it is kinda cute that you can move the mouse over NOLegs and his ears move :love:

    Did the Mana-bar disappeared and they cast spells with something else? :wut:

  37. Ricardo

    i would like to know if we will have a new playable character like anna in ebf4 :smirk: and if the game will be longer than ebf4 and if it will have stupid dlcs . seriously making dlcs paid for a shitty flash game ? kill yourself

  38. Draco

    I love the Idea so far I do want to have all 5 members at once tho (if enemies can be a group of 5 why can’t we?). Here’s a couple ideas I think might be cool 1:maybe add a knock down system? like in the persona games maybe have it where enemies and party can be knocked down either that they get a extra turn or if all or a majority of members are knocked down an all out attack. 2: maybe combined attacks? like have it where party members can combined certain skills mixed? offensive Ex:Anna and Lance can mix arrow rain and air strike (like Anna shoots her arrows and lance shoot C4 that attaches to her arrows?) Defensive Ex: Matt’s and Nat’s defense stats boost are combined into a stronger version that gives both boots. now I do realize that could be over powered but to balance it out either it cost AP points or cost the pairs turn or even both?
    also just a silly little comedic idea custom colored text for main characters like say someone gave Nat red text while some else gave her orange
    and custom colored select bars and even a preset of borders?
    I know what i ask could be a lot of work but as long as I can say my idea and have them somewhat considered I’m happy~ :stars:

  39. Sasukefull

    Lo digo en español porque mi ingles es una cagada, si algo me gustaría que fuese modificado en el quinto juego es la opción de cambiar equipo en la batalla, actualmente consume el turno del personaje y eso en dificultad máxima contra jefes difíciles puede transformarse en alargar la pelea innecesariamente, termina agobiando porque muchas veces el cambio de arma es obligatorio pero no puedes hacerlo ya que te tienes que curar o buffar u otra cosa, terminas 5 turnos esperando hasta poder tener ese tiempo para cambiar, mas que un reto es una frustración inutil, no se, seria bueno que el cambiar equipo al menos una vez por turno no costara nada.

  40. That Youtuber that dosent have many subs

    Brown???Come on brown.Just make the text less wide cuz it looks a bit fuzy and make the text bar BLACK or GRAY or ANY color as long as its not BROWN.ALSO the cherecter hp/enemy bars are a bit big if you count reduse them by abolt 10% I think it wod look nicer.I feal like Nat got a bit less atractive compared to ebf4 but i can life with that.Way is Ann in the game?I mean didnt she only go with them to get the stolen gem(s afterwords).ALSO NO LEGS HAS VERY LOW MAX HP.Compared to last game nat didnt have hight max hp at all and no legs has less than half of that witch seams very unbalanced on a furst look at the game.

    Thats abolt it on the style testing part.I can continue going furder but I will lait for newer test(betas,demos ext.)and see wath spoilers they will have before i go on saying stuff thats compleatly rong.

    :yay: Plz read this coment I dont want to be spending 20 mins righting for noting tnx. :yay:

  41. Tay Kyles

    :yay: :yay: :stars: EBF 5. I still haven’t bought 4 on steam, but I have played through it and 3 literally about 10 times each. I’m gonna buy 4 on Steam some time before 5 comes out :stars: :love2: :love:

  42. orbmaster5231

    Yay, been waiting for this for forever! Still trying to beat Godcat on epic three times in a row… :/

  43. Celeste

    This already looks like an amazing game in what has been one of my all-time favorite flash game series. Can’t wait! :yay:

    There’s a lot of really interesting advice being thrown around here, so I’ll limit myself to the one thing I’m pretty sure hasn’t been said yet.

    Please add a respeccing system that encourages frequently respeccing and trying out different strategies. One thing that bothered me about EBF4 was that the existence of skills that could only be taught to one character (some of which were essential skills) forced me to take an hour reading the descriptions for most of the skills in the game and–just going off of their descriptions, what little i knew about the four characters, and the items that I remembered from EBF3–decide exactly what late-game comp I wanted to go for. Only slightly less terrible was doing the same thing with stat-boosting items, which required me to do the same long-term planning right off the bat or forever deal with a slightly sub-par team. It also encouraged me to stick with what I knew worked, rather than experiment with different fun builds (which I would’ve enjoyed immensely, but was too afraid to try on epic). I think I used Anna a total of 3 times after unlocking Lance, and all of those were just because I was curious about what her abilities looked like. Which struck me as a real shame.

    TL;DR 1 add easy respeccing for abilities & stats ➡ moar happiness! :stars:

    A few other random ideas that someone else has probably already mentioned:
    –allow people in backup positions to do something interesting, be that provide buffs, passive support (Fire Emblem “Pair Up” style?), combos with active players’ moves…just give me some incentive to NOT use only three heroes all game! (in the status quo, spreading out your stat-boosting food more is just a straight-up bad idea)
    –allow for more move customization, be that in the form of perk points, composition gems that provide different additional attributes to weapons/armor, Diablo-style “augments” that you can put on certain moves to add unique properties (like +burn chance or whatever), or more interesting limit breaks that can fundamentally change a character’s playstyle. (someone mentioned berserker Matt)
    –This could be just me, so feel free to ignore this, but I personally would love to see even a little _more_ story and world than emerged in EBF4. But I do tend to like serious games, so…feel free to ignore this. :shades:

    TL;DR 2 customization good :love2:

  44. Cirno

    Looking good so far, new chracters are nice and i hope you can get HFX / Phyrnna on board for the music too… ebf4 soundtrack kicks ass x3 :love2:

  45. Erik

    Here’s a few ideas to make it a bit more unique than EBF4;
    1.Add New Elements to the Fighting system, (Like Burnout, for example which if build up to 50% or 100% You’ll get restricted to using certain spells, and after turns it’ll deplete.)
    2.Special Team Attacks, (like Matt+Natalie=Devastating Blast. [izrandomdunask] also to use an attack like this, you’ll drain half MP and all SP from the characters.)
    3.Human Foes (we’re lacking of them and we need THEM)
    4. out of ideas. :wut:

  46. Bogoman

    If Matt doesn’t include a couple of bikini costumes for the girls in EBF5, I’m going to sue. :bleh: :shades:

  47. Cain

    I love this game been playing it since I was 10 and beat em all I really hope you have a good year and also plz don’t hide the characters again like in EBF4 plz I wanted lance for ages but got him all the way in the desert anyways love the games and bye :stars: :smirk: :stars:

  48. Ergotth

    Yay, EBF5 😀 thanks for the message in Kongregate, although you can send me a message in Deviantart as I follow you there ^^
    And I can’t wait to see more of this game x3

  49. DeHuMiNaZeD

    It’s awesome again :hurray:
    – Weathersystem sounds interesting
    – NoLegs as character… going to love him :smirk:
    – Playing with NoLegs ears is awesome :stars:
    – Better Quality :wut:

    You could add some kind of new Limit Breaker type maybe?
    – Like some interactive Limit Breaker that deals more dmg if you hit specific buttons! :smirk:
    – Transformation/Upgrade for 2-4 rounds? Something that makes the user of the Limit Breaker stand alone on the field… like Lance with his Tank or Matt getting an Ultimate Blade?

    Thats some really awesome new stuff and i hope that it will get even better than the game previous game! :ooo:

    Good luck with further developement

    1. Papy

      I like your idea of several-round limit break transformation :stars:
      – i can see a Matt in bereserk mode (half naked with huge sword and red eyes and lightning from his hans or somthing) doing huge damage and spending his hp for it. even intercepting damage of the 2 others :D. and then being exhausted for several turn with 1 hp.

      Can be cool for sure :yay:

  50. Papy

    So much good time on those simple yet very well made and complete EBFs (3 and 4 essentially (1 and 2 was more like fun tiny games ^^))

    Cant wait for more fun on the 5th

    As contribution thought :

    Combo spell ? let say you can spend 2/3 char at the same time and get a light multiplicator/special ennemy debuff/special effect if comboed right/aoe on the 2/3 spells/attaque at the cost of debuff/increased mana cost/some sp/less damage/anything for balance.

    Let say those combo are let undocumented and dont give a supreme advantage and/or cost too much to be used without real preparation.

    Let say that some combo cannot be done before a certaine cinematique/achievment that explain why it can be effective (on paper at lest)

    Let say you find some love for special combo with special animation or joke or easter egg.

    I trust you, kupo, to ge the inspiration with this. Or not. As long as your games get your own love, passion and inspiration it gonna be the best game ever for someone.
    (and that is how you can make a better game alone with as much game time has a triple A with 70 people in the dev team : love and inspiration )

    P.S: Please dont try to over price it. so many indev try to sell 20$ a game that we can find for 3$ (a lot underprice games too) and quit or complain because no one wanna buy it. readability on independent games is so blurry those times and the real interest of ebf3 and 4 was essentially based on experience (and even if the graphiques are cute they worth nothing to newcomers). But its your time and your baby so dont let any fool dictate you 😀

    P.P.S: sorry for the huge book and keep up the good job. And if you can find the time to add some typo button to the comment section ?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      An edit button for the comments would be great, but I didn’t program them, they just come with WordPress, so I can’t change much.

    2. Ergotth

      actualy we do have something close to combo spells in EBF4, such as when you perform a water spell that leaves the enemy wet, so your next elec or ice attack will cause bonus damage with higher change of paralizing or freezing the enemy. Buit if you meant spells that combo with other spells specificialy…yea, that sounds awesome too 😀

  51. Owen

    One thing that I think would be incredible is more equip slots. I feel that a leg/shoe equip slot would be really nice, and would force players to further spec into upgrading gear early on. Also, one thing that I think would be amazing would be having different models for the same weapons and armor. Perhaps having the armor the same at levels 1-4 and different at level 5, with a slight new stylish flair. I understand that different models for each level would be a lot of extra work, and would pale in comparison to the sheer increase in badassitude that having a max level equip brings. Another thing which was left in EBF3 was the gear gaining new effects as it was leveled. This made it a lot more exciting to level gear, as you never knew what the final upgrades would bring. One last suggestion would be bringing back the super medal areas that existed in EBF3, where there were medal requirements to get into different areas to fight optional bosses. I felt that this much more greatly motivated me to collect that medals and figure out how to get them (ahem, pervert medal). Most people don’t care about medals unless there is additional incentive, myself included. When I got a medal in EBF4 I was like “huh. cool.” rather than in EBF3 where I was like “ooh, do I have enough now? How close am I?” This made the game a lot more rewarding for being a completionist. In any case, I am a big fan of your work throughout Epic Battle Fantasy and Bullet Hell, although I’m trash at the latter of the two. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. I’m a high school senior looking into becoming a video game designer. I’ve played them all my life, starting with LoZ: Oracle of Ages and most recently Xenoblade Chronicles X. I was wondering how you got started making games, what you would recommend college-wise, and just general suggestions on how to proceed. If you could reply to this it would be godly of you. Thanks a ton!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’m not sure if I want to make the equip system any more complicated, but if I go for it, shoes are a good idea, sure. Different equip models are probably out of the questions – I can’t be bothered with that. A lot of people didn’t like that in EBF3 you didn’t know what effects equipment would have later, so I changed that. I’ll definitely add more rewards for collecting achievements.

      Enjoying playing games is totally different from making them. Do you enjoy programming? Animating? If you like programming and like having a job, go study computing science. If you like art/animation… probably better to learn it yourself and not rely on ever getting a good job there.

  52. der

    Damn. Has it been this long since I’ve played a game from Matt? Woow this is going to be great! 2 YEARS!!! :smirk:

  53. IssePisse

    This is real nice, Matt! I like the whole look. No MP though? or is this jus an early version and it’s not really showing it? Anyway. I bet this has great potential and I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  54. DeakerZed

    I like to see the progress but I really like to play it
    I really excited to play NoLeg character :stars:
    EBF4 is the best to me because of their musics
    I hope that in EBF5 have the good musics or soundtracks too :yay:

  55. Adolf Hitler

    It be cool if you can add the option to make your own protagonist to join the crew later in your devlopement in the game, DAMN that would make the series EPIC! :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:
    Make it more RPG like too, you know pick what class or race you want, idk if it you can do it though but yeah ! Not to mention the money coming in too!



  56. Andre58

    Really interesting the game battle style: Adding the 2nd backup-character and another “player” (NoLegs) makes the team more solid,organized and strong) the name near the HP bar of the enemies gives a fast info of them. I thought about the NPCs …..an idea could be to add emotion faces to them too,meanwhile Anna,Matt,etc… talk with that people…..(the same thing that you did in the previous 2 games on the players). You can add more people in the story, another idea is to challenge some NPCs if their quest is to defeat them in a battle (probably this is a useless and strange tip for the game) . The world map could be a bit larger than the EBF4 one,so the story is a bit more long and endearing, with some secret locations that require to complete little missions to be unlocked. Well…about the skills ,my opinion is to add some abilities that multiple characters interact to make a teamwork-attack :smirk:

  57. YoshiTimeSketches

    I’m thinking that the Spells will take points off either our Summon or Limit bar. What do you guys think?

  58. anon

    Really Matt? Weather? What’s next? Entry hazards to discourage switching of party members? Move priority? Megastones turning characters into mega version of themselves (M-Natalie undoubtedly getting some kind of mega milk augmentation).

  59. Haseo

    its not bad of course it still needs work but i like the ebf 3 and 4 art style plus it looks like its getting more and more cartoony

  60. long

    can you make lance stronger in ebf5 because lance is awesome with gun but he too weak in defend like let he ride the tank or have some robot protect him

  61. EBF4 fan

    Hi. I played EBF4 on Kong and loved the game. I respect you as a developer.
    IMO, the art style is a good upgrade from the last one. The characters are clearly more visible and the art overall feels much more refined. Good job. As a person who have played all of the EBF series, I have no doubt that you will show improvement.

    Here are several personal tips that I have from my experience of playing EBF4. Please note that I am just writing as things pop up in my mind; the order does not have any

    1. Map style of EBF4 was crisp and good. I believe that no significant changes are required in this aspect.
    2. Matt’s superiority in attack power, while having overall good defense, becomes way too big in the late game of EBF4. Matt becomes simply the best character and I do not think that unbalance like this is good for the game. Overall character balance upgrade would be a good thing for the game.
    3. In comparison, Lance and Anna become too weak. Even with stat boost and they tend to fall behind.
    4. Although various weapons are nice, it felt as though there are overwhelmingly too many. I found myself just using few out of many choices.

    Thank you for your great games. I expect to play yet another EBF series. Please take your time to release a good game.

  62. Saint

    Thanks for the update. The graphics look good. :stars: It looks simpler and yet more tactical. Keep up the good work!

  63. Lgrimard

    You should make no-legs like a cat from warrior cats (it’s a book series).It would make the game better than any game I’ve played and, it would take the place of :bacon: in my life. It would also attract millions of warrior cats lovers. Even if you don’t implement this, still buying it on launch date. :love: :love: :love:

  64. beleg

    One thing that I suggest for EBF5 is item crafting. The forging mechanic of EBF4 is nice. I love it. I think it can be extended to include “item crafting”, where you can fuse 2 or more items / armor to create a new item / armor. I also personally like the elemental and status aspect of the game.

    1. Riskfan

      I like the idea of item crafting, i was always running around looking for more bottled magma early on. But i like the EBF series due to the fact that there are a limited amount of weapons and armor in the game, and you just dont pick up the sword or armor that breaks the game in two. You have to upgrade it and know when to use it to snap the game in half, but you need items to do that. Maybe you could combine your items into consumables?

  65. ShawnFrost

    Its awesome how a new character is added with every new EBF……..EBF 100 will have 100 characters!!!!!!! :stars:

  66. Geran

    Can’t wait for EBF5. The UI changes look good and so do the character sprite updates. My only complaint is the Natz portrait. I think it deviates too much from what she looks like in battle; I liked how in 4 the portraits were just more expressive versions of the battle sprite.

    Also please keep the felt-style cutscenes. Most adorable part of that game.

  67. long

    oh and also can we summon cosmic or other monolith ? will matt and natz have the 2 Unobtainable Weapons (Lance Of Creation and Blade of Destruction) or you can put it in premium version

  68. long

    hey can you make a phyrnna-like NPC the give a really hard but give out really awesome reward like limit break, skill weapon that involve music ? thank if you do :stars: :stars: :stars:

  69. Kitkun

    Looks good. Love NoLegs ear twitch.
    MP did become a problem on Epic bossfights.
    Just please… no more spiders. The bugs are hard enough on my phobia! ;-;

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Spiders are hard to animate so I’m not sure if there will be any. There will be caterpillars and butterflies for sure though!

  70. Fly or Die

    Is it just me, or does Natalie’s arms look a little … weird. Huh. Or maybe I’m just not used to seeing them.

    Other than that, I don’t have much to say. This game would be a great chance to polish some of the mechanisms up a bit (or a lot), but … that’s a different issue. On the art side, it looks good!

  71. Matt

    I love the idea of weather and No-Legs as a playable character! I’m not sure I like this new art style though. Natalie just doesn’t look right.

  72. kikaiHeni

    Already said it on facebook, but I’m just gonna leave that here:



    NoLegs? Playable?

    Please, there is only so much I can use the hype thrusters!

    And I see the totally-not-a-secret-anymore that’s been around since pretty much the first game is already implemented.

    Let’s hope you don’t get a million comments about it.

  74. Stephen

    Awww, there’s no MP bar now?
    I missed that! There was always that scramble of trying to conserve the MP, and I really liked that sense of panic.
    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥
    However, I’m curious about the weather, especially in snow/desert places.
    Oh god
    Don’t tell me that in the snowy place, we’d have a possibility to freeze…

  75. Adam

    Just got the message on Kongregate about this post – awesome! (The only game message I’ve received that is Definitely. Not. Spam.)

    As a player I find your work incalculable amounts of :stars: exciting. :stars:

  76. Benjamin

    Have a scene early in the game where Anna gets badly injured, and has to leave. Then, her older sister joins. (less bratty, ranger, and uses daggers and swords) and add shields, (Matt,) grenades, (lance) and spellbooks, (Natz). just a few suggestions. :shades:

  77. Dwiki Arif

    boobies are still touchables :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:
    bouncy bouncy boobies :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2:

  78. Akledam

    Looks good! A slight step up from EBF4 despite EBF4’s already beautiful art style, this has only furthered it!

    I hope we can see more previews of EBF5 in the future. :smirk:

    Have a great christmas.

  79. Joshuas

    Also, i see what you did here matt :3.
    In Bullet heaven 2 natalie said, that it would be cool to have weather mechanics, little sneaky man :shades:
    I hope i can buy BH 2 for support >.>

  80. georgemanousaki

    Good job guys
    i love cats
    make nolegs playable badass character
    i love your graphic style
    waiting for EBF5
    :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

  81. ws

    the art style+animation in this looks really smooth! the background is nice too. (i’m a little more partial to the art style for the icons for the moves in ebf4 but that’s just me. this new style does fine) [my only real criticism is that the backgrounds are done in such a way that the characters start to blend in a little bit–maybe the backgrounds having slightly more muted color would help?]
    implementation of a weather mechanic seems like it’d be interesting–raises a lot of questions, too (is the weather randomized? what specific effects do particular kinds of weather have on the battles? etc., etc.)
    (also: nolegs’ ears!!!!!)

  82. Ryuji

    I like this. Also like that you can click on Natalie’s chest in this. So it is interactive:P. One other thing. I remember that in EBF4 after you go into new game+ it got harder. For me this ruined the game completely. I mean I love the story of it and EBF3 and replaying 3 to rush the story and the jokes was something I loved but I can’t do it in 4 so I just stopped playing it which depressed me. Maybe make an option to have it harder or the same?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Hm, I didn’t think about that. But I think you’re outnumbered on this one, and it might be difficult to do both.

    2. Gragon73

      It could be interesting to have some sort of feature where you just walk around and don’t have to fight anything – maybe cutscenes for the bosses and such? They wouldn’t have to be much more than a few drawings with dialogue to make it worthwhile. :wut:

  83. VITA1

    Considering the words “some easter eggs”, i think that NoLegs is not a playable character, instead of him, Phyrnna would be the new character, just a thought

  84. Rei

    Loving Nolegs and his little cute ears. <3 Although I'll probably keep using the original trio because at this point they're basically my babbus. Anna is cute is her own way (truly a precious cinammon roll in her own right), though I still feel like she deserves a game of her own with new party members… Altough that's probaly never gonna happen either way.

    If I had to ask for someting… Hm, I noticed a flanderization of some characters purely for comedic effect (which is usually the point of flanderization either way), but I'd like to not see that again in EBF5. The brand of humor and the character interaction in EBF3 remains my favorite. Altough I had high hopes for those things in EBF4 with the addition of Anna (and kind of the same for Bullet Heaven 2, but that's a spin off so I mostly take that continuity with a grain of salt haha), I though what happened there was mostly… a regression? for the characters. It was Anna's first apperance, of course, so I guess we'll see how she is in EBF5.

    All in all, can't wait to see those new features in action! The interface improvement for EBF4 was unreal, so super hyped to see how EBF5 will play out! (I especially can't wait for the weather one).

  85. So-Gear

    If I change the equipment while in combat,doez it take a turn for each player?…
    What weather uzed for?… Maybe element of zame weather like “Windy weather will make the wind element more stronger”.
    Btw,nice improved graphic than the lazt zequel. It lookz zame like Bullet Heaven 2 .
    I hope can encounter more monzter and another cool ztuff,zecret too. XD :smirk:

  86. Solv

    I was gonna’ post something insightful and detailed about the art style, and then gush about my hype, buuut…


  87. Eric Walker

    It looks amazing so far. I like the idea of the simple look of the symbols for the attack, skill, etc. Nolegs is even in the battle, so awesome! I hope it plays as amazing as it looks right now, but don’t rush yourself. I am patient. :smirk:

  88. Pedro Pereira

    OMG! This looks amazing! Also a little bit cartoony, and I liked it!
    I Also liked the new Weather system, I think that it will make us build some more cool strategies.
    Amazing job! You’re the best, Matt!

  89. Serendipity

    Art style looks great and everything looks to be in order, except… there’s not enough bounciness. You know what I mean :stars:

  90. groxen_nin

    This looks really neat, but I still prefer the old EBF4 art style. (This one and Bullet Heaven 2 just feel a little bit too outline-heavy) Also I really liked the blue from EBF4, but maybe a customizable GUI would be nice. (Color options and such)

  91. Realistic dreamer

    so far loving the new style and also the addition of Nolegs just wondering what the weather thing does lol heavily suggest you stick to this new smoother style cause I’m lovin it :hurray:

  92. Juju Dredd

    I hope there will be an offline version as you did for EPBF4. Please, tell me you will also release an offline version!

  93. Lumamaster

    Current things I’ve noticed:
    Weather mechanic that was hinted at in Bullet Heaven 2 is probably a thing.
    MP is removed, limit break gauge is still there (perhaps it serves a purpose as both MP and limit break?)
    Natz’s spells can now either single target for higher damage, or lower damage spread out
    Natz has earrings.
    NoLegs is a character! :stars: (and with updated art style)
    Art style is a little….softer with less contrast.
    Enemy levels are now shown in the wave bar.
    Spells now display possible status effects.
    5 CHARACTERS! (3 main, 2 backup)
    Boots/Pants/Shoes appears to be an equippable slot now.
    Most mechanics from EBF4 seem to be returning.

    All in all, very good job Matt!


    1. Lumamaster

      if not, put her in as an easter egg pls (perhaps she gives the quest where you learn the music-based attacks?)

    2. VITA1

      Considering the words “some easter eggs”, i think that NoLegs is not a playable character, instead of him, Phyrnna would be the new character, just a thought

  94. Debbie

    I still think I’m more found of the old style… Maybe there was more detail and it was, brighter, maybe.
    The extra weather element seems cool though

  95. Taufiqasri

    enable we have 5 team to attack? its not fair you know why the enemy can have 5 team in party while we have 3 team in party while another is just for backup? :tongue:

  96. taufiqasri

    well its good :yay: but can i suggestion the noleg have a shinny armor :stars: like a warrior :shades: anyway continur your progges man

  97. Blaisem

    Really like that you can choose between single and multi target on spells. I felt this was a big drawback in EBF4 where Natalie fell off as DPS because her spells were AoE and thus restricted to lower damage values.

    I am interested to see how exponential scaling works in this game, because in EBF4 it basically forced Anna and Lance into support roles, since a small difference in base stats meant they could never match the DPS of Matt/Natz. Outside of DPS, they just became heal/buff bots.

    Speaking of which, maybe one solution to the above is to restrict certain elements to certain characters, so you have incentive to make their dps abilities stronger, and also give more than one unique support ability to each character. Another option is to make buff spells more rigorous. In EBF4 it’s “fire and forget” a protect or barrier, which cheapens the experience of a support character. A higher buff cap but lower initial value (and dispel reducing buff values in increments) could create play styles where you focus on dedicated buffing.

    Also grouping equipment by element affinity would make sorting through them much easier. Maybe an enchantment system where one slot of an item can be fixed by the player would be cool.

    Anyways super looking forward to EBF5! Just reached godcat replaying EBF4 on epic 🙂

  98. Plantszaza

    Nolegs!!!!!1 :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love2:
    It would be cool if you can pat his head…
    So… who will carry Matt and Natz from battlefield if they’re dead? I guess you have it in mind.

  99. Stefan Kriechmus

    I like this new GUI. For me it has a smoother style and less contrast. I’m just wondering how you select which enemy you wanna attack. I would like it when the enemy lights up in white or is highlighted in the GUI (I didn’t really liked the targeting crosses).

    But what I don’t like is that there’s no MP… I just rather like the style of gameplay where you can run out of MP and MP-potions. Simply, it’s not my taste of gameplay i want. Maybe no MP would be a advantage you have when you’re playing on easy difficult… or as like in Metro Redux, that you can choose between gameplay styles.
    However, no MP is something I wouldn’t like.

  100. Rexem

    How about giving nolegs spear/halbert weapons instead? swords are already used and imagin a cat witch weapons 3 times as tall as him.
    You could also use a long spear is long reference and make the spear get out of the screen, or even kid gokus staff 😀

  101. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    That is some baby-smooth graphics. The character models appear to be more fluid too. Looks byoutiful. 😥 I can’t BEGIN to even.
    I see a playable No-Legs? That or you’re trolling us with his offensive NL model, which would be cruel but hilarious. (Of course Lance is dead, Lance is always dead.)

    I’m curious to see what effects weather will play during battle, and I also see “Wave 1/2.” This is just me, but I get a weird “back to basics” feel from this. Like EBF2 gameplay style, which would be a lot a fun, or it simply means we have multi-battles again. I dunno, I’m just listening to mah gut.

    I can’t think of an adequate way to put what I’m feeling about seeing this in words… maybe this will do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud7D4_3ltM8 . Byoutiful. :yay:

    1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Also the next big “poking Natalie’s wabs” for me, now, will be messing with No Legs’ ears. Damn you and your little touches! 😀

  102. Kaptain Kirby

    OOOOOHHHH MY GAWD THIS LOOKS AMAZING! Its like EBF4 but seems touched up, maybe special layouts for bosses might be cool? Weather is a great i dea! :stars: but i was kinda hoping for 4 playable characters at a time, that would have been really cool and a lot of ppl liked the idea. Layout is familliar yet not too repetitive so good job there :yay: :yay: like the idea of choosing between hitting a single enemy or several, that’s gonna be very useful (unless it’s random? :wut: )
    Great Job Matt it’s already looking great! Can’t wait for this! :tongue: :love: :hurray: gonna be an amazing game!

  103. Orgy

    This looks awesome! EPF2 is my favorite Kong game and this looks more like that one than any other game in the series 🙂
    HYYPEE! :love2: :love2:

  104. Aysu

    OMG YES! EBF5! :yay: :love: :yay: And it looks like NoLegs will be a playable character! Hooray! :hurray:

    The graphics are stunning, very smooth and clean. And I love the little extra animations! I just want to scratch NoLegs’ ear. :love: I also admit that I’m kind of glad to see the dress sleeves gone. I always wondered how they stayed up, before. However, I’m a little confused as to why Natalie’s eyes are teal. :wut: Is it just because of the colors you’re working with, or were they meant to be teal all along? And I’m kind of torn about the character picture over the menu. It seems a little unnecessary, but I can see it working. Maybe you could have the character’s face/expression change depending on their health or if they acquire a status condition?

    There’s only one feature I’m a puzzled about. Why is Lance’s health bar -/- ? Has he simply stepped out of the fight for a turn, or is he not in the party at all? :wut:

    So, yeah, looking good so far! I’m very, very excited for when this eventually comes out! :yay: Until then, I’m going to keep playing BH2 and EBF4 so save me from wilting over EBF5. Keep it up! :yay:

  105. PolaBunny

    It looks more cartoon-ish is that going for ❓ ????
    But its best not too much of that i prefer some features from ebf4 :smirk:
    I said “prefer” its not like im pushing it :bleh:

  106. Guy

    I love how you can still click nat’s tits in the preview, don’t call me a perv for trying but god damn that’s funny. Art style gets no legs up :yay: (that’s a good thing)

  107. Edinaldo_Soader

    Really excited about this! It seems pretty nice so far (though i’m not the type of person who can give detailed criticism about game design and such)
    I loved the fact that the same spell can be used as a multi-target or single-target attack!
    Also looking forward to play with NoLegs! I wonder what type of spells and powers he will use.

    Also, as a funny fact, today i was wondering when would you start working on a new game :yay:

  108. Ben

    I’m curious about the missing MP meter (maybe just not added yet?) and what the weather will do. Also, I noticed Natz’s eyes are a bit greenish now. Weren’t they blue before or maybe this is a new feature like an accessory? Even though Lance looks like he was KOed, I don’t see his body. Perhaps it’s just MIA? ❓ I don’t mind if the first area is a forest again. Maybe to add some humor, the characters could complain about the fact that they’re starting their adventure in a forest again. :yay:

  109. Nicholas

    I really think there should be more character slots. I almost never used anna in EBF 4 and always replaced her as soon as I got Lance. Due to the nature of giving your characters permanent boosts, i would always just use my favourite 3 characters. I don’t mind the new look though.

      1. Kaptain Kirby

        Stuf like achievements? Awesome! same for me , never felt like(and still dont on my second playthrough) that anna was that greatt, i always prefered the original trio, buti didnt mind Anna. Can’t wait for nolegs :love: :hurray: : :yay: :stars:

  110. Dead_Kavaiol

    Man that’s really good! Only complain: on most derpy grafix movements looks laggy, almost so it’s better if they wasn’t any movements on that grafic lvl. I don’t really know a way to fix this and probably noone even will play on lowest grafix lvl, but just so you notice this.

  111. Hmm...

    Hmm… no MP for characters? Since the SP bar above and the “MP” bars of the characters are the same color, I’m gonna assume that this bar will work similarly to the SP bar (can be increased by killing enemies). Maybe the new bar will be semi-inversely related such that you can only gain “MP” by getting attacked and also regenerated after each turn, since Natalie’s health bar is half and yet her “MP” bar is almost full, while NoLegs’ “MP” bar is barely full but his HP is full. But I do like the new effects such as weather and NoLegs as a playable character now. :love:

  112. Bob

    Niiice, nice. Loving that NoLegs is playable now.

    Though I really dislike the character’s portrait being there above the menu. And I think it’s unnecessary. The character is right there, why also have their huge portrait a centimeter away?

  113. Cloudmonkey

    I noticed the lack of MP, and the presence of an unaligned SP Bar, I also noticed the Power of the Spell, 120 for 1 Orb, 80 for 3, I can assume this aligns to Single and All Target variations.

  114. Ze

    So, are we going to have spells be either single or multi-target depending on our choice?
    Similar to the SNES Final Fantasy games?
    Cool 🙂
    Also, Natalies jiggling looks smoother :love:

  115. Robb216

    I love what you did with the moving leaves and stuff, and the GUI (it does take some getting used to, but it looks better since the traditional blue kinda contrasts with the enviroment).

    You probably already have the story written down or something, but you know what would be cool? If all but one of the heroes was captured, and the remaining one was forced to team up with one of the heroes dark versions (since everyone is doing a dark sequel nowadays :P)
    Well, looking forward to playing nolegs! 🙂

  116. Kkots

    Slight confusion about everything.

    The art style got more refined (every detail is distinguishable) and simpler in comparison to EBF4, which is both good and bad.

    But here are some oddities:
    Highlights on Natz’ bow are too straight and simple, it attracts attention.
    You always used curved lines when drawing shine on metal in EBF4 on all swords, on all metal, but here NoLegs’ shield and sword have straight-lined shine which ruins all that complexity and impossibility to understand the “how the hell is it drawn” from the previous games. So I would love to see more “hatchy” shine than the current.
    The shape of the mask’s border on Natz’ big portrait does not match the shape of portrait frame’s inner border (in other words, inconsistent thickness of frame’s inner border).
    The drop shadow effect on ability icons (star shower, fireball, etc) brings much distraction and dissatisfaction due to: needless contrast (they are not on top of other game objects, so why outline them), the icon drawings lack contours in them (without contours they’re less contrasty, and the drop shadow adds a huge black contour which makes me want to see more black within the icon arts, which would separate details from each other more and restore balance of the universe), and the icons are colored in comparison to “Attack”, “Tactics”, “Skill”, etc action icons (if they were monochrome brown, they could fit into the drop shadow style along with the other smaller icons, but ability icons are still too big. I think contrastly outlining a big low-contrast object is in general bad for the style).

    All in all, the style does the job, I guess, especially the interface is super solid. And now metal is the only thing that really shines out.
    Ability icons are a real distraction, though.

  117. Julen

    Is the menu color brown because of the area? Because it sounds good the idea that the menu changes color from area to area, but I think that it wouldn’t fit well if it is like that for whole game. Also, it is very nice that you know how many waves of enemies are coming.

    About the spells’ menu, I think that it is better that the mana cost is (also) in the bottom corner of the icon like in previous games.

    Btw, (this is about game design, just in case you are interested), I’d like to see some new features in the game, so that it doesn’t feel like exactly the same again. Not “things that have never been seen”, but things that are new for the saga. I’ve already seen the “thing of the weather” that sounds interesting, but I hope that there are some more ideas, like lasting summons, or abilities that can be combined between characters, or anything.

  118. komodor

    Lol my art has improved a bit but the style has been exactly the same for ages. How unoriginal. I also still like swords. How childish. best joke ever. But to this style I liked the blue/white them more. could you make it changable in the game? Also the avatars look almost exactly the same like in bullet heaven 2. And I see no mana…good job 😀 but making nolegs like a playable character? how poor idea. Nobody likes Nolegs. :_( But I like the weather like you promissed in buller heaven 2. cool change. and Natalie torn her arm clothing. I like that too if you know what I mean. anyway looks cool. :love2:

  119. HotchAr

    As I mentioned before, I’m bad about specific compliments, so I’ll start by saying that I’m thoroughly impressed by it all. Now for specific comments:
    The fact that the enemies don’t match the background perturbs me, I’m guessing this might be like the burnt woods that use the same enemies as the lush woods, but it also might just be spring and autumn mixing oddly. :bleh:
    Everything is so shiny and glossy; trees, hair, rocks, that are fairly dull in reality, which makes the metal which SHOULD be really bright and shiny seem incredibly dull in comparison, especially noleg’s helmet :stars:
    I really want to attack Natz with a hairbrush. it’s been mostly that same style for six or seven games by now, but it’s like her hair is halfway between intentionally spiked and sleek, so it just looks lazymessy not edgymessy. 😡 Also, the transparency in her bangs is awkward, ’cause it makes sense to try and show more of her face, but its still transparent over the backdrops, which looks weird to me.
    Let’s see… Cutie Nolegs! Weather! running gag :bleh:
    Observation: plenty of things just look like they came from EBF4, but that just makes sense, if they aren’t distracting, why redo them, and I might even be wrong, but as I mentioned earlier, new things seem just a hair glossier.
    that’s all I can think to comment on, and I hope you continue doing this for a nice long time, and continue to enjoy it for even longer. :yay:

  120. James the Cross

    Oh no…PLEASE don’t tell me we can only have TWO characters out at once now! 😥 how will I choose…

    1. Mest Gryder

      It looks like 3 at a time. (Lance is dead or something, but his stat bar is there.) And also 2 back-up characters. (Upper left corner of screen.)

  121. Cadsuane Sedai

    Now THAT sure looks really nice, *especially the fluttering ear :love: *, but could you please consider having something more original and less bland than a forest as the starting area?
    (If you already plan to have it be something else, then I apologize, but also, what’s up with only lvl and hp showing up for the chars?)

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Aha, you might have noticed…. there’s no MP!
      The areas and story are still undecided.

      1. infiniteEel

        no..mp? :stars: does that mean we use skills with no cost :stars: but maybe i still like the final fantasy blue menu though..maybe you can just make the battle like all chars will be in the screen but two chars will be standing at the back, and take less damage?or maybe they are harder to hit…

        But whatever you do at the end of the day we still support you :shades:

        1. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

          If we are talking Final Fantasy style menus, the notion of letting the player customize the color of their menu might not be a bad one. That way we can pick our favorite colors. I myself like a nice deep crimson! :stars:

      2. Blaisem

        No MP? Love it 🙂

        Maybe also instantly regenerate outside of combat? Walking around for 30 seconds feels as pointless as taking 5 minutes to walk back to town and stay at an inn for 50 gold like in old-school RPGs.

        1. Blaisem

          Also permanent stat boosts that are specific to a character. Like Ham boosts Matt’s offensive stats and a popsicle increases Anna’s offensive stats. This gives the rewarding feeling of “powering up” your team, but doesn’t force your strategic options into a one-way tunnel later in the game, assuming the stat items are all equally available. The current system of permanent stat boosts creates false choices between optimization (I’d like to build a well-rounded team and split my hams among different characters in whatever proportion I choose, but in reality Matt simply uses them far more efficiently than anyone else) and transient experimental strategies (I have this new sword that deals useful status effects, so *maybe* I can test this interesting strategy with Matt in a more supportive role and let Anna deal physical DPS — oh wait, I already gave 30 hams to Matt, not worth). The current system has an illusion of flexibility, but actually due to disparities in base stats there’s only a single optimal way to spend the stats apparent for players just starting the game, and this single way locks you into a specific path that prohibits deviation later to test experimental strategies. I’d rather retain that sense of stat progression but be forced into spreading bonuses evenly among characters so that I can use equipment and skills as much more adaptable and visible levers for diverse strategies.

          1. Shadus

            I would experiment with the idea of making permanent boost affecting the entire party.

            Balance can be maintained by reducing the number of power-ups, or by making them accordingly harder to get, but gives the added bonus of having moments where your all but your last character is lying on the ground and you really need your healer to melee that magic resistant mob for those final few hps it has left… and actually being able to hit thanks to the melee boost of party-wide upgrades. You wouldn’t normally increase melee hit or damage on a healer toon… but if it happens passively, it can create exciting moments for players… without turning your caster into a juggernaut, since the baseline stat is so low to start with. Conversely, this also gives your melee heavy fighters that touch of magic effectiveness for those melee resistant fights.

      3. Zilla256

        Hey Matt i love the franchise and the new artwork for the game :shades: i just wanted to say i find it really cool with making No-legs a character instead of having him come in every once and awhile in battle, (This is just a personal asking from me to you): Can you make the Praetorian (one of my favorite bosses) one of Lance’s Supers i just think it would just give the Praetorian a shine in the light every once in awhile so he wouldn’t be forgotten :smirk: I think the new art styles are epic and keep up the hard work the fans (Including me) love it

  122. Tsukasa

    Wowee! Looks awesome so far~! :stars:

    It looks like you’re going for more solid-looking colors this time around, if this is anything to go by. It looks good! Like a fresh mix towards EBF. :yay:

    But uh, one thing… I’ve noticed that your color pallette feels…. a bit darker this time around? :wut: : It’s hard to explain.
    Somehow, everything in EBF4 felt shiny, which was really cool! This looks a little less shiny.

    Either way, whatever direction you go towards, i’m sure it’ll still have that awesome trademark personality of yours. Really looking forwards to it! :yay:

  123. Marth

    Woohooo!!! I can’t wait for this! 😀 And they still jiggle…Even in the art style test…Nice lol :yay:

  124. garyosaur

    No-Legs char confirmed? :stars:
    Weather confirmed? :stars:
    The style looks awesome, can’t wait. Kinda weird what you did with the red dress, though.

      1. Twilight

        Don’t complain? He’s literally posting a constructive criticism right there. Like he said, after seven games of closely same artstyle the series is in dire need of something new, otherwise EBF will eventually suffer from megaman syndrome where everything just gets repetitive for nine straight games.


        1. Phantom Beast

          While you are right about constructive criticism being a good thing I disagree with the rest of what you said. The last two games really offered something new, EBF4 gave a new character aswell as some new enemies and a better interface and EBF3 was completely different to the first two games.
          Also the art style is perfect! Why change it I love it.

          1. aLpHaBeTa

            True, I do really like the old art style, change isn’t always welcome unfortunately. Is it just me or did No-Legs grow some fur?

          2. LightningJC

            i think the art style is good and kupo, you are making it more detailed but still a simplistic style, very good :love2:

        2. flixwito

          No, we don’t really need an overhaul change, at least the art is a bit different. There is a weather system. No Legs as 5th character… There are actually some change were made here.

        3. Homu

          Art style is good to keep consistent, and this series has changed for the better in between games. Although the entire gameplay flip from 2-3 was a bit off, it didn’t destroy what was being built up. Art style should never have a major change, but I do want to maybe see a new battle mechanic ingame.

    1. BallisticLord

      like no legs as a character don’t like having backup just make battles larger and have all 5 in battle

      1. RichmondSlay

        Nah that could be not balanced to the game, besides i can complete EBF 1,2,3,4 with 2 or 3 characters. :smirk:

    2. Rox

      Great to see a new game in the series. Honestly, visually it doesn’t look as attractive as 4. Think more work with the hp animation and sp. Great to see something new with weather. A shield Icon for tactics looks kinda strange… as it usually denotes to defending. Maybe try something an exclamation mark kinda… like when ure thinking i guess. And i mean one can see clearly even though this is only 1 background, there’s way too much brown… Like all the other ones had so much colour. Additionally i think another icon should be added to repeat the actions from last turn… in case ure fighting a boss or something.

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