KupoGames.com is now wider!

Hey guys, I made the website wider, and I’ve probably broken a lot of pages as a result, so let me know if anything looks incredibly wonky. You might have to hit F5 to do a hard refresh to see the change. I did this in preparation for EBF5 previews, which are going to be quite wide. The first teaser will be coming out near Christmas!

By the way, Bullet Heaven 2 could use some more reviews on Steam. If you’ve played the game on there, let others know what you think. It helps me out a lot, thanks.


14 thoughts on “KupoGames.com is now wider!

  1. SomaSam

    The website looks quite nice now, and the background also is a nice touch. Maybe you could have it cycle through your game’s different backgrounds each time a person goes to a new page?

    Also that NoLegs in armor at the top is adorable.

    1. Stefan Kriechmus

      NoLegs on top there is adorable, but I would really love it when his equipment is randomized, based on the Cats from CatCafé and EBF4.

  2. Stefan Kriechmus

    I was thinking of waiting some more time to review Bullet Heaven 2. But now that you’re asking about it, i made one (in german). I’m surprised that there aren’t any thumbs down for this game. I’ve seen a lot other games with less reviews AND thumbs down.

  3. Lumamaster

    Can’t wait for the EBF5 teaser! Just remember to take your time on it! We’d rather see a high quality game that takes a while to come out than a bad, rushed product!

  4. Fly or Die

    Nothing seems to be broken to me, but I must admit the wide website looks a little strange to me … maybe I just need to get used to it, but it’s a good deal wider than any of the other websites I’m used to seeing :P

  5. Billy The Honourable

    I reviewed the game ages ago as my steam account (The DEMOPAN of PAN-DAWANS (for now)) and made a list of Pros and Cons for Bullet Heaven 2. I forgot what my end rating was, but nowhere under 8/10.

  6. SomaSam

    That actually reminds me, have you sent a review copy to NorthernLion, Total biscuit, or any other big name reviewers? Especially any that like shmups or bullet hell games?

    I remember you saying you would have liked to have them talk about EBF4, but you said they weren’t really into JRPGs. I was just wondering if you’d think they’d be more likely to do a bullet hell.


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