BH2: Update

Hey guys, I’m pushing a little update to BH2 on Steam in a few hours. Mostly just fixing some little problems. I drew some warning signs for the levels, but I ended up not using them.
After this I’ll probably be done with BH2, and can enjoy Christmas in peace. The game hasn’t sold well so far, but it’s on a lot of wishlists, so maybe that will pick up a bit during sales. Doesn’t matter either way though, EBF4 is still selling so I’m fine.

After Christmas I can focus on finding a new home and then starting a new project!


I also made some more widescreen borders, including Cat Cafe ones.borders

7 thoughts on “BH2: Update

  1. lumamaster

    Don’t worry Matt, those wishlists are a sign of things to come! I’m sure purchases will pick up when sales come! :smirk:

  2. Billy The Honourable

    Cool update! I wish you were to update them more, but I can understand why not. You’ll get all dem moneyz soonz!

  3. conallw

    I’m not sure how you did it, but this update fixed the game displaying “something about this website…” on wine. Good work.

  4. Black Widow

    Noticed a small bug on 9-5. When the boss on that level spawns those huge white shiny orbs on wave 6, a couple of them stay there even after the wave is completed and stay there during the whole duration of the battle. I believe it’s 3 of them that stay there, if you go near one and try and touch it, i don’t think it does any damage the first time. But if you try and touch it against it does do damage and then disappears.

    Not sure if you’re aware of this, if you do, disregard this. :smirk:


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