Chinese Bootlegs

I was talking to Phyrnna about translating Bullet Heaven 2, and she mentioned I could translate it into Chinese. I told her that a Chinese version would probably appear magically on its own anyway, and then I went Googling to see if Epic Battle Fantasy 4 had been translated.

And I found it quite easily! A hacked Chinese version!
So that’s a thing that exists.


15 thoughts on “Chinese Bootlegs

  1. acethical

    I know this, it’s before the steam edition released. And it was based on a earlier kongregate version. There’s also a EBF3 translated as well.
    I think it can explain that the game can be translated to asia languages easily and less technical needed.
    No matter what hacked about, the game sells more if there is a translated edition. And most chinese translator need very less even no pay for translate work, just because they like what they play, and want to share to others.
    As a EBF series fun, I hope to see all series with mother language if there are. :smirk:

  2. Pip

    Oi I want to sign translate EBF5 to Chinese as I’m enough with the hacks . I don’t want my friends to have excuses like “I don’t know English” for playing this hacked ver. .

  3. xgena

    I’ve seen this chinese translation mode before, but I haven’t tried it and I didn’t know it was hacked. So I’m kinda glad that I haven’t posted my recommedation to the chinese touhou players yet since the player base is kinda massive there. I’m not sure if flagging these hacked version of game works but if you need help maybe I can contribute. ( I’m only free at the very last few days of each month though. And I liked the beta version 2 but it still seems that hard mode hovertank is the hardest boss among the 19. Also, I think I’ve found the beta version0.1 still lives?) :tongue:

  4. 67349

    The Chinese version of EBF4 is translated by two Chinese translators. Recently somebody told them that Bullet Heaven 2 is coming soon, and their reply is “Well, we will translate that game as soon as possible” .

    By the way, I am Chinese, and most Chinese people sucks a lot at English.

  5. AidanLink

    Wha….I didnt even know bootleg version of online games exsisted… :scared: Well uhhh I guess its okay if you’re okay with it, but yeah that is pretty cool that its going around the world…Makes you more popular! :yay:

  6. LastLeaf

    Hi Matt!
    I played the Chinese version after I played on Kongregate (I do not see any web game site blocked in China). It is a pity that the Chinese version is hacked with some of the paid content enabled.
    I can give a help if you want to translate BH2 to Chinese. However, I guess most of your Chinese players could understand the English version. And my English might not be good enough 🙁

    1. lumamaster

      I could help with some basic Chinese translation, though my Chinese isn’t too too good(you would think I would be quite fluent after 9 years of study)

    1. firekirby

      I doubt it. After all, it’s just a translation for a free game. The only thing that would really warrant him being angry was if the hacked version also included the paid content for free, or even worse, by paying another party. Translation hacks aren’t inherently bad though, it’s only when you get into console games and emulation that you start to cross that morality barrier.

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        It’s bad because the links to Kongregate are blocked – Kongregate is banned in China apparently. Kongregate pays me for traffic.
        I ain’t mad though.

        1. Zura

          Kongregate isn’t blocked for me (and I’m in China). However, there may be times where games don’t work on it. Don’t know why. :wut: :bleh:


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