Monthly Archives: August 2015

Fanart: Anna

Got some fanart from Rio-2.

I recently finished playing Yoshi’s Wooly World, completed it 100% with Ronja. It’s an awesome co-op game. Hope Nintendo makes more similar games for WiiU. 😀

BH2: Title Art

Hey guys! Drew the title art for BH2. Tried to keep it in the same style as EBF4’s. I think it looks kind of cool. Almost ready for beta testing!

The background image is still temporary though.


BH2: Widescreen Mode

I’m working on a widescreen mode for the Steam version of BH2.
There’s not much practical difference, but you’ll get a nicer HUD, with player icons that react to damage and other stuff. It’s kind of cute.

You’ll also get a choice of artwork for the borders!