Monthly Archives: April 2015

Sketches: Dinoturtles

Drew some turtles that ended up looking more like dinosaurs!

I’ve been taking a break from working on Bullet Heaven 2, and just been sorting out other things that I’ve wanted to do: Playing games, reading books about personal finance , and relaxing in the garden. I’ll probably blog about that stuff later.

I also bought some pens for the first time in my life, and plan on drawing a monster every day or so. It’s been ages since I’ve done any traditional drawing, so it’ll be quite fun. Plus, as you can probably guess, a lot of these sketches will end up in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 someday.


BH2: Big Red Bush Preview

Almost done with the new bosses! I think I’ll leave it at 9 and not do an alternate version of the final boss, which is probably going to be a lot of work and be super shiny.

Anyway, this guy has both leafty patterns and evil boney patterns. That second pattern is actually his easiest one, despite how it looks.


BH2: Premium Plans

I’ve discussed it with Kongregate briefly and here’s the content I’m thinking of doing for the paid versions of BH2:
• The 9 or 10 extra bosses I’m working on now.
• A randomized endless survival level for each world, limited to one life, no cheats.
• 3 of the playable characters: Slime Bunny, Dry NoLegs and Phyrnna.

So that works out to an extra 20 levels added to the 50 free levels.

The Steam version will have some more improvements:
• Support for widescreen and different resolutions. I’ll put a better HUD at the sides.
• HD graphics and uncompressed audio.
• The usual Steam features: Cloud, cards, achievements, etc.

The Kongregate version will be released first, with the Steam version a bit later. I’ll be posting the game on other sites too, but the premium version will probably only be available on Kongregate.

I’m aiming to have a similar price to EBF4 on each service, but that’s not decided yet.

Oh, and people who buy the game on Kongregate before it’s released on Steam can ask me for a free Steam copy later, if they would prefer that. I’ve been doing the same thing with EBF4 for anyone who asks.

BH2: Crystal Protector Preview

Another boss done. Starting to fall behind schedule slightly. All this geometry is hurting my brain, but I gotta power through and finish the 2nd half of them now.

Also played through The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and it was amazing. I rarely go into a game without knowing anything about it, but that worked very well with this one. Lots of intense surprises, from awesome to terrifying. And the graphics are beautiful. <3

protector2 protector1

BH2: Copper God Preview

Another boss done! This guy has a thing for spear-shaped bundles of bullets, which are quite fun to graze.

A few people have pointed out that the HP bar looks crap. It just seemed like the most convenient place to put it, but I guess I’ll fix that later. I’ll also replace the graphic for the player’s hitbox with something more contrasty.