BH2: Bombs

Finished the bombs for the new players!
Here’s a preview, but you really need to see them in action to see how smooth and sparkly they are!

Next up… debugging some stuff…. yayyyy….. -_-bombs satan

12 thoughts on “BH2: Bombs

  1. FlyOrDie

    Nice work!

    Also, lol @ debugging. By far the most annoying part of any programming project, am I right? Although there is a certain satisfaction to getting bugs ironed out.

    (Of course, that assumes you CAN fix the bugs :P)

    1. Kkots

      I tried playing the score you wrote on HalcyonicFalconX’s bomb and I’ve got to say that it makes some melodic sense, but rhythmically it pretty long and pointless. Also I had trouble determining on what lines some of the notes are. If you played that score very quickly when the bomb’s working, though, I think that would produce an effect, because it’s pretty non-sensical and may sound like an explosion, so great job on this.

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        I know nothing about music and those notes are all random gibberish. 😛 I dunno if I’ll change it.

  2. breadislife

    omg :stars:
    so awesome
    much nice

    but… I can’t beat bullet hell shooters on mobile phones 😥
    Will you port the game to PC?

    1. HeWhoHasAnUnoriginalName

      Bullet Heaven was on PC, the demos for Bullet Heaven 2 were on PC, why on [insert whatever planet Matt lives on/in/above/any combination of those three] would he make the final thing for mobiles? ❓


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