Monthly Archives: January 2015

BH2: Unlockables

Made some icons! There’s no permanent upgrades this time, but you can unlock cheats, handicaps, weapons and costumes instead, using coins you collect in-game. Getting high ranks and achievements will reward you with extra coins and speed things up.

Hopefully this adds a lot of replay value! 😀

BH2: Cheats and menus!

Working on the menus for BH2!

Probably not terribly exciting for most people, but I think they’re cool cause they support all 3 control schemes and run at 60fps, unlike my other games.

Cheats and handicaps (and everything else) will be unlocked by collecting coins in game.
So even though there’s no upgrades, this is kind of similar.



BH2: Emoticons!

Made quite a lot!
I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but there’s gonna be dialogue in the game this time, cause I know some people like that kind of stuff for some reason.

Since the Steam version will be widescreen, I can use the extra space for some of these at the sides as well, to indicate your health levels and stuff like that.

Click for full size:emotes

BH2: Levels 3

All of the levels are more of less finished! Still need some balancing but I’ll save that for later when I’ve got other people testing the game. Looks like it’ll be a 3 hour game if you beat every level perfectly on your first try (which is obviously not what these types of games are about).

Next up: Some small visual improvements, fixing common bugs, and more playable characters!