BH2 Difficulty Levels Explained

Hay guys, this post is just a little reminder of how difficulty levels will work in Bull Heaven 2.

All the screenshots I’ve been posting so far are on the hardest difficulty, because they look the most impressive. Obviously most people won’t be skilled enough to play at that difficulty.

The difficulty levels are:
• Casual: ~25% bullets
• Hard: ~50% bullets
• Heavenly: 100% bullets

You’ll be able to switch difficulty at any time, much like in EBF4, but scores and ranks will be counted separately for each difficulty.

On top of that, there will be cheats (basically difficulty modifiers), much like in the previous game, but now they can also be used to make the game harder. These will include stuff like:
• Less or more lives.
• Less or more enemy HP.
• Slower or faster game speed.
• More items drops.
• Less or more bombs.
• Longer or shorter death-bomb time.

These usually won’t invalidate scores, ranks or achievements, but they will effect the numbers to balance things. For example, reducing the game speed by 10% will also reduce your score by 10%.

There will be no permanent upgrades this time. But the cheats and other extras will be unlocked gradually (maybe even with the coins you collect), so they’ll function quite similarly.

Sound reasonable?

7 thoughts on “BH2 Difficulty Levels Explained

  1. Low Carboxyl

    I personally believe that too much freedom can be it’s own problem. Specifically with a bunch of variables to play with, it’s a possibility that people will not really know what combination is too easy or too hard, and the effectiveness of different cheats. Such a problem would be even more prominent especially people unfamiliar with bullet hell games.
    I’d recommend some sort of preset or guide but in general I love the idea of ways to complete the game with varying difficulties rather than the traditional 3 difficulties :love2:

  2. randomfan1929

    i hope you still add the customization elements you were considering. also, can we have a dark or light godcat skin for no-legs?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Yeah I’ll probably have to add 4 skins for each character since the game supports 4 players.

  3. Naraxis

    I actually really liked the upgrades in the first BH, is there any particular reason why you removed them this time around? ❓

      1. Kami

        This. Having permanent upgrades also leave little room for imagination and creativity, so I’m all for this new idea. Good work Kupo.


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