BH2: Eyeball Boss

A boss with multiple parts!
Sometimes the small eyes shoot, sometimes they act as shields, and sometimes they try to ram into you.

Points to anyone who knows what boss this guy is based on.


15 thoughts on “BH2: Eyeball Boss

    1. kwin

      :stars: I am 100,100,000% sure of it (the comment above)
      🙁 no seriously look up: Ballos cave story
      cuz I can’t be mistaken ((look it up)) :stars:
      (((On Google or whatever)))

  1. Unknownlink

    It reminds me of that link to the past boss Vitreous the green glob thing with eyes and
    also the final boss from cave story ballos in his final phase at least :yay:

  2. Hadriake

    It seems like a mix between Beholder and Final Form Vaati, from Zelda Minish Cap… 😐
    Anyway, we can say that…
    ( •_•)>⌐■-■
    … it’s hot !

  3. Miter

    Searching “eyeball boss” and similar things in Google yielded no satisfactory results.
    I’m getting desperate. Help.


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