21 thoughts on “Bullets

  1. Ariox

    One question – bosses would be like Touhou ( flying on screen) or like they was in bullet heaven?
    Anyway – it will be awesome.

  2. Meep

    Oh my god, that is too many bullets. :scared: Ever the Franctic games have less bullets.
    But at the same time, so shinyy! :stars:
    Looks really great, and I have a challenge to all who plan on playing this. Try finishing it with bullet glow on.
    I am gonna lose a billion times…

  3. Ajamaharis

    so much stars – Marisa is coming…
    so much flowers – Yuuka arrives…
    so much green – Frog god is ready…
    so much triangles – Sisters are playing…
    so much red dots – Festival has started ❗ ❗

    Greetings to all TH and EBF/BH players

  4. anavn

    Cant wait to try it out. Loved the first one but was sad the coop part was droped. Hope you can maybe make a steam version again cos for EBF4 the steam version works better then the flash(tends to some times lag for no reason) + killer def and epic bonus content ! Would totaly be willing to pay for it is I love your game 🙂

  5. SunsetHaste

    What are you working on?
    ” This entry was posted in Bullet Heaven 2 on March 25, 2014. ”
    I rest my case :stars:

  6. omt8

    Bullet Heaven 2 is coming out!!
    :yay: :hurray: :shades: :stars: :love2:
    Or is it Bullet Hell this time ❓ ❓

  7. Raiko

    Danmakus are my favorite games ever, and Bullet Heaven is among my favorite danmakus.

    You make everything I love. :love2:

  8. Tsuki

    Just don’t forget to make a version that does not require to play on a site. Why? Because sometimes people want to play it on sepparate window for they are watching a stream or something, and a Flash Projector would be best for this.

  9. LEOXD

    A danmaku isn’t good if you still can plainly see the background.
    This either needs more bullets or more effects :skull:
    Kappa (oh wait, this isn’t Twitch)

  10. TheDarkCommander

    Time to play as Lance ( maybe) again 😀 and spamming Hyper Beam like Master Spark!! :stars:

  11. ShadowSun

    Gosh Darn. That does seem to be an excessive amount of bullets.
    I am certainly looking forward to Bullet Heaven 2 then!


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