EBF4 on Humble Store!

For anyone who doesn’t like Steam or wants a completely DRM-free copy of Epic Battle Fantasy 4, I’ve set up my own store page for it, using Humble Bundle’s system. It’s the exact same version as on Steam, except without the Steam features, and I also get a bigger share of the revenue.

Omg, click here to see!

Probably should have tried to set this up earlier, but whatevs.

dark natalie

4 thoughts on “EBF4 on Humble Store!

  1. piy0911

    Woot! Keep trying to get dis :3 Havent played in a while so should be fun to play it again.

    Kinda a derp but, are you planing a EBF5?

    1. omt8

      Sorry but I think everyone else is buying it so what makes you think you would get a free copy just like that?

  2. Zakintos96

    Oh you are so charitable :yay: , i want buy ebf4 on steam but every time i go to gamestop they have only steam’s card of 50 euro and no 20 :wut: :wut: :wut: I can’t wait anymore 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 , yeah i love the nolegs emoticons :smirk: :smirk: :smirk:


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