Fanart Incentive Scheme!

Hey guys.
I feature a lot of EBF fanart on the Facebook page and on this website, and have decided to start giving free Steam copies of EBF4 to anyone who gets featured. I’m also going to retroactively award some copies to people who have been featured in the past.

Here’s the fanart I’ve featured here so far:

Also, for anyone who’s done fanart, you should go post it in Steam’s community section for EBF4. It’s kind of empty right now, even though a lot of fanart already exists for the game.


7 thoughts on “Fanart Incentive Scheme!

  1. JMarie816

    Will this be in a limited time? I’m quite interested. My only problem is that I’m not a digital artist like the others. 😥 I do however posted fanart on deviantArt… but, it seems it’s not good enough.

    1. kkots

      Stickfigures have nothing to do with EBF4. And you can’t really show that a stickfigure is Matt, Natz or some other character. Clothes are important as well, as they’re parts of characters.
      Sigh… will need heavy moderation depending on art quality.

      1. Arcterran

        nah that was more of a dig at my inaptitude of art skills 😛

        I won’t be entering mind you.

  2. kkots

    I will participate. I don’t care what happens afterwards. I just want to pay a tribute to your amazing work, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Besides, it’s you who got me drawing.

  3. sabrehawk90

    Gee I noticed that fan content (mainly fanfiction) died down sometime last year on deviantart. What’s up with that? :wut:


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