10 thoughts on “Fanart: Epic Battle Fantasy

  1. kkots

    I wonder if this art piece had a sketch to it somewhere. Was the sketch on the same paper with the drawing, and later erased? Then what is this drawn with: pencil or pen? If this is drawn with a pencil, then it’s certainly drawn without a sketch.

    I mean, this drawing is so complex I believe it’s impossible to make it without a sketch.

    1. sabrehawk90

      Actually, most of my artwork ends up having the sketching and the final thing done in the same stage, even complicated ones. Might have happened here? Cause usually if someone wants to finalize something with a trace over, they do it in pen, marker, or ink. Looks like ink, though, because pencil usually shows up as gray if you scan or take a picture of it.

  2. a loyal fan

    i hope that even f you have EBF4 on steam, you will still update both the steam and kongregate ones and will also release ur new games on kongregate

  3. omt8

    Great art work but I this style gives me the creeps,especially the way Matt and the gang are drawn. :scared:

  4. ShadowSun

    :smirk: Cool! Mix between cartoony/high detail is weird yet awesome!
    Oh, I just realised- why do the Tank and Praetorian eject entire shells rather than spent casings from their machineguns :wut:


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