EBF4 Steam Release Date

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 will be released on Steam on the 25th at 16:00 PST, for $11.99, £8.99 and €10.99.

If anyone thinks they deserve a free copy, send me a note if you:
• Won the foe competition either for EBF4 or EBF3. (remind me which foe you designed)
• Have done a lot of Let’s Plays of my games, or are planning to. (show me your YouTube channel)
• Contribute to the Wiki, TVtropes page, or wrote a walkthrough, or done similar stuff. (send me some sort of proof)

I’ve already got a list of the translators, so I’ll be emailing you guys soon.
I’ll also probably host some sort of Fanart competition soon, and give out some more copies then.


27 thoughts on “EBF4 Steam Release Date

  1. Anonymous

    The game is finally released and the majority of comments are about the price, many wanting the game for a discount or for free.

    I had optimism but after such a display of greed from where you would only expect to see ‘diehard fans’ I really want to see some sales figures.

    12$ is not even a lunch and easily worth 25, maybe even 100 hours of entertainment. Money should not be an issue, only competition.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      The game seems to be selling fine despite that.
      It’ll be discounted eventually anyway, so everyone else can still pick it up.

  2. Mada003

    Pfffff you guys with your youtube I use twitch with ebf4 on stream even though like no one really watches it i managed to beat the upgraded version of the first boss just a little bit after I beated second boss (didn’t even go close to factory just went into town and bought a few things) on epic it wasn’t that hard even though I did use up most of my reviving items and had to keep buffing myself can’t way to beat everything else on epic

  3. Jman37X

    Hey there Kupo, wish I had read this before I bought it, as I do plan on doing a video series of it on my channel! Considering I did just get it, I thought I would let you know in case you plan on featuring Let’s Plays anywhere or something along those lines. Should have an intro video up later today over at my YouTube channel of the same name as I posted this with, in case the website thing doesn’t work. Look forward to finally getting to play it on a good computer! :yay:

      1. Jman37X

        Thanks, only a few episode in and I already remember why I love this game so much, I’ll try my best to be as in-depth and do the game as much justice as I can, hopefully at least a couple people decide to buy the game thanks to my videos 😀

  4. kkots

    Ha-ha, I have noticed only now, but on the new official EBF4 background all protagonists are in battle poses and are all like “D:< imma kill enemies", and Natz the only one showing her ass with a confused look. Ha-ha, that's just funny.

  5. Mada003

    Pffff I don’t want no freebies of the game i want to buy it to support you for making such a good game. And I have the money to do it too

  6. MancheUNT


    “Contribute to the Wiki, TVtropes page, or wrote a walkthrough, or done similar stuff. (send me some sort of proof)”

    I could get a free copy if I contribute to the wiki in Spanish? and roughly how much could I contribute?

    PD: sorry for my bad english >_<

  7. Roxeon

    So, at midnight GMT on the 26th if my timezone-fu isn’t off?

    I think I helped out a bit during the beta test, if you feel that’s enough to send me a copy go for it, I’ll be sending a few friends some either way.

  8. SirBlackMage

    I read on your FB that you may give out free copies to people who bought it on Kong, did I get that right?
    I’m not gonna say I’m your most loyal fan, but I have been following you for a while (and bought it on Kong).
    Soooo…? :wut:

  9. omt8

    Oh man!

    Knew I should have done some lets plays when I had the chance. 😡

    Well at least I know that the money I use to buy the game won’t be wasted on beer or video games. :hurray:

  10. closegame

    Will there be a 10% discount or something cause i have 10.51€in my steam wallet and want to know i have to add extra funds


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