EBF4 in HD

Since the Steam release is going to have support for different resolutions, I’m replacing a lot of the bitmaps used in the game with bigger ones.
So here’s what the game looks like on the highest settings! (click for full size!)

Click for full size!

The current filesize is 137MB, which obviously wouldn’t work for a web game.

I’ve also implemented cloud saving now.
All of your .meow files will be backed up when you exit the game, and re-downloaded when you start it (if they need to be), no matter where you are.

Also there’s a fullscreen button in battle now.

That is all for now.


After this, most of the remaining stuff just involves preparing the Steam store page.
I’ll have to update the screenshots and trailer to show off some of the new content too.

Oh yeah, I also need to implement the save game transfer.
It will probably involve moving your .sol file into a very specific folder, and giving it a specific name. The game will check for that file and convert it into a .meow file, overwriting the auto-save slot. Not very user-friendly, but I’ll post a walkthrough somewhere.

33 thoughts on “EBF4 in HD

  1. a_sh

    While playing at Kongregate I usually “upscale” it to almost full-screen (1920×1080), and it looks great. Will there be a native support of that resolution in the Steam-version ? :wut:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I dunno, that’s pretty high. Very few people would be able to run that with high settings.

      1. a_sh

        Just to be sure – how EBF4 will work on full-screen with full-hd-resolution (or any resolution higher than 720p)? Will it be placed at the center of the screen with black border or will it be somehow “upscaled” to fit the screen ? :wut:

        1. Matt Roszak Post author

          It’ll be upscaled to fill the screen. But it’s not a widescreen game, so it’ll have some borders at the sides.

          1. a_sh

            Glad that it will be full-screen πŸ™‚ Although I reallly hoped that Steam version will suport wide-screen displays :tongue:

  2. Nimski

    What is the resolution of all the textures? I’m using one of those fancy IPS Korean monitors at 1440p and I’m a bit worried the game might be a bit too fuzzy full screen.

  3. wubbles417

    EBF, fullscreen, in 2560×1440 res?

    I think I’m gonna die of witnessing the awesomeness.

    I’m literally so excited for this. Will you be offering the soundtrack as a stand-alone purchase, or will it be bundled with the game? Also, do ya think ye might just be able to get some steam cards for this?

    If so, lvl5 EBF4 badge; here I come.

    Thank you so much Matt for all of your hard work and diligence. I know that thousands of people are extremely grateful for all that you do. And easy on the fanservice, Natz gives us enough! :yay: :love:


    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      It’ll only go up to around 720p, because I don’t think Flash could handle anything higher.
      We might bundle the soundtrack in with the game, not sure yet. And yes, the cards are already made.

  4. Total_Fan_816

    Totally Ultra exited! :stars: I’m really happy for EBF4’s steam release!! Mega Support from me :yay: :hurray:

  5. Arcterran


    Also dunno how much you played dust but I enjoyed it quite a bit

    As for the save game transfer I’m just going to spitball my first thought:

    If you know where the file is, you could write a a small program (kinda like an install wizard) that would search in that directory for that .sol file. After you find it, you then write a new .meow file in the steam cloud directory and transcribe the data from the .sol file there (however you plan on doing it). Of course if there is no file you’d have to throw an exception (perhaps ask if the user could browse for it if the program can’t find it?).

    That’s probably how I’d go about it (of course I’m not terribly familiar with how you/Kongregate set up client-side saves, I kinda remember when I sent you my file, but memory is fuzzy :bleh:)

    1. kkots

      Sorry, Flash neither AIR may search directories for files automatically.
      This would require Matt to write a batch (.bat) file for Windows, a Linux command for Linux and a separate weird thing for Apple OS/2.
      The only way is to, indeed, write a step-by-step documentation on how to locate and copy-paste the correct file.
      Allsoooo, the PC version will only be a little faster than the web embedded version, which means that displaying HD vector graphics (unoptimized) with smoothed HD textures while playing HD audio and running in Full Screen mode will probably cause massive slow-downs even on modern machines. :can’t seem to find an appropriate smile like x3:

      1. kkots

        Shut up, kkots!
        Searching directories is possible in AIR. Proof:
        It will require testing on different platforms, though.
        It will require knowledge of where shared objects are created on different operation systems, and how are URI addresses specified on different OSes.
        It will also require compiling the entire game using AIR SDK instead of normal Flash Professional (the versions which can’t export for AIR) or only Flex SDK.
        I’m sorry πŸ™ I’ll go wipe myself from the face of the Earth for being dumb and useless.

        1. Arcterran

          To be fair I had zero idea on how flash/air stores data (all I know is that I was able to get some off my hard drive one time matt asked for some files).

          Also I should have been a bit more specific I was thinking of a small seperate application written in Java (or C#, Python, or whatever). My bad.

          However you are right when it comes to Multiple OS’es so there’s that you weren’t TOTALLY useless ! (Though It was my understanding it was going to be windows exclusive but I could be COMPLETLEY wrong)

          Ah well No plan survives contact with the enemy and it’s still a learning experience!

        2. Matt Roszak Post author

          I’m not using Air. But the issue with .sol files is that a .swf file can only use one specific directory for them. They’re not supposed to be moved around.
          I can do whatever I want with other files though, because they’re manipulated through the .exe wrapper, and not from the .swf.

      1. a loyal fan

        im confused by ur post. so is EBF4 released yet? if yes, i cant find it. if no, will you inform us when you do?

  6. Sillykatmeows

    I’m a bit curious will you be updating the maps in the walkthrough on Kongregate when your done setting up the steam version? Also thanks for the update! Can’t wait~

  7. Chris

    Definitely can’t wait, keep up the amazing work. I’ll be sure to grab it ASAP once its finished and up on Steam.


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