EBF4 Update List

I’ve decided to make a list of updates in the free version of EBF4, since some of them are easy to miss. Obviously this list contains spoilers if you would rather find all of the changes yourself.

• NoLegs and the other cats have been re-skinned.
• Jellies and Green Slimes have also been slightly re-skinned, along with most of the returning bosses from EBF3.
• You now start the game with enough money to buy a few items.
• Secret jungle area has lower level enemies now, because people were going there earlier than I thought they would.
• Copper Fish and Slingers are no longer weak against thunder, because thunder was overpowered at the start of the factory.
• Some equips nerfed (like the Alchemist bow), others improved (Alchemist staff, Cursed Armor etc). I don’t remember all of the changes… but a lot of weapons which were quite useless now have higher stats.
• School Uniform and Shrine Maiden Dress double healing item power. (like the Casual Shirt)
• The Mage Hat doubles healing spell power. (like the Nurse Hat)
• Chips and Crisps now heal a percentage of max HP, instead of a fixed number. (making Chips very useful at high levels)
• Many of Anna’s skills were improved in either power or chance of status effects. The Sawblade skills also have a higher chance of instant death.
• Lance’s Double Shot and Unload skills select a new target if the original target dies. (like Cleaver)
• Damage numbers now change color if damage is effected by resistance. Yellow for super effective, dark gray for not very effective.
• The option to disable tips is back.
• Equip type is now shown when buying at a shop.
• “Sell All” button added to item shops.
• A new battle theme is used for the ??? and early Godcat encounters.
• Final Godcat is 1 level stronger. (actually makes a big difference)

• Furry Slimes are found in many areas now.
• Kitten Igloos guard the entrance to the factory.
• The mammoth is now obtained by fighting the mammoth.
• Jack is a jungle miniboss now.
• Kitten Trojan Horses guard the entrance to the jungle.
• Sandworm is the boss of the beach area now, and guards the stepladder.
• Protector summon is obtained after fighting the Protector, after getting the 4 temple orbs.
• Hydra is found in the graveyard after getting the flying boots, and can be used for level grinding.

46 thoughts on “EBF4 Update List

  1. Jman37X

    Can’t wait for this game to finally get on Steam, I’ve been waiting to do a video series on it for a long time! :yay:

  2. metallica_dillon

    God Cat is even stronger now? :sick: I couldn’t even beat him before. Granted I was playing on the hardest difficulty, but still. XD

  3. Cody T.

    A couple observations:

    1. The guy in front of the Whitefall town shop wearing a birthday hat uses the word horde instead of hoard.

    2. The Camo Skirt seems really underpowerered compared to everything else with only 25/25 defenses.

  4. Ken(kenk on kongregate)

    The new changes occurred while I was playing the game!!!(for the 2nd time…) No harm to gameplay or saves! No Legs got fuzzy!,I thought he’d seen a ghost :smirk: Wish I could get some AP back when I “forget”,why can’t more games look and play as good as this one?-K. :shades:

  5. Roxeon

    Found a couple more small issues.
    - Dark players still do their idle animations even if foe idle animations are turned off. If ally idle animations are turned off, however, they don’t.
    - Protector charges its lazor… and does absolutely nothing with it (charge lasts 2 turns, it summoned backup on the first and casted Big Blast on the second. It charged and summoned backup a second time, but the backup turn was its last). This probably happened because I was playing on Easy, though.
    - Endless wave counter’s at 5 even though all I did was enter it and flee right afterwards.

    Is this the best place to report these or would you rather have them somewhere else?

  6. Roxeon

    The new sword’s randomly giving Matt Auto-Revive status. I’m not sure if this is intended since it’s not listed under its effects and I am absolutely sure it wasn’t the Angel Pin since I had that on Natalie (they both procced on the same turn a few times).

  7. rhetundo12

    just curious, but…
    1. why did u re-skinned the cats, jellies, and green slimes? they don’t look as good as before.
    2. any more reasons to why the copper fish and slingers are no longer weak v. thunder? they looked perfectly fine before.
    3. why nerf alchemist bow? it looked fine too. (all) enemies should be nerfed by all means. the only change that would go well in weapons is to buff (all of) them.
    4. why did you make god cat stronger!!?? it’s worse for the new players than it was before. i felt that this ruined the game for beginners (…and it’s not going to look good).

  8. frog

    I hope the soundtrack comes with the steam release. :smirk:
    That’d give the complainers on steam one less thing to complain about, seeing
    as how a lot of steam users like getting a lot of extra content with games that are
    already on the internet in one forum or another. As for me, I’d buy EBF4 for steam
    even if it had very little new stuff. :yay:

  9. A Wikia Editor

    Well, that may sound kinda harsh but still.
    I am one of editors on Epic Battle Fantasy Wiki and it would be very helpful if you could provide us with full patch note of this changes as that would greatly help us with updating our articles faster and not miss and change (such as this minor weapon stat changes).
    I would be very thankful if you help with this.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I don’t have a more detailed list than this unfortunately. (And I make small changes like that quite often.)
      I can tell you which treasure chests have been moved though:
      The one containing the mammoth now contains the Thor’s Hammer instead. The mammoth is in a new chest in Whitefall.
      Supernova and Protector locations have been swapped.

      If it helps, I could give you the code for all of the equips and skills, so you can see exactly what all of the stats are.

      1. A Wikia Editor

        I guess that would be very helpful.
        I am not exacle sure what you mean by code, and I am not a code-guy myself but I will just ask other editor if anything.
        Thank you for your help, and making this game even more Epic.

  10. LovinIt

    Just finished checking out the new content on Kongregate! Finished all the bonus stuff (except the endless mode), and I am more than satisfied with the expansion. :yay:

    Most of the re-balances worked well, but I was only on play-through one due to a cookie wipe, so I was on Easy for all the fights. I will later attempt a more intense Epic Difficulty assessment of the new foes for my second pass, but I am fearful of what Dark Natz will do to my team. :scared:

    I want to take this moment to say that you are my #1 favorite game designer, and that the completion of your work is more exciting to me than my impending Birthday. I am saving money to buy the Steam version when it arrives. Keep being the best, Matt.

  11. katchoo

    The new/old compression isn’t working for me. Even on low quality, the game is unplayably slow on Kongregate now.

    EBF4 and all your games are amazing, though. I hope you make big bucks doing what you love.

  12. Idea man

    One curious question for Matt-Is there appearance of cosmic monoliths,diamond bits,runeclaws and rainbow flowers in the free version of EBF 4?Those foes look very interesting :stars:

  13. Stanning

    Yesterday, after getting Lance, I returned to the village, saved, and quit for the night. Today, when NoLegs randomly activates, he does so TWICE in a row. Handy! But probably a glitch.

    1. Stanning

      Another thing, While fighting Armored Oak at level 11, he killed the entire party with his mouth cannons. Natz was swaped for Anna, and Lance, for some reason, got back up from the dead to counter attack armored oak. He then stood there, like everything was normal, despite being dead.

  14. Xenos

    I’m confused, because I am playing EBF4 on this website, went to factory, and found out that fish and gunslingers are still weak to lightning. Same with old-skinned cats and slimes.

      1. kkots

        If you call that “annoying”, then you probably have not seen enough.
        I’ve seen it all, man, I know what is annoying. This just isn’t it.

  15. A gamer

    I have the premium version on Armorgames and it seems that it is not updated. Do u have plans to do so, or am i just screwed?


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