14 thoughts on “EBF4: New Battle Backgrounds!

  1. mguel

    pleas I beg of you put undead goku blue slimes and all the other preiviest foes and bosses from the previest games and put four new monsters put a green dragon a purple slime and a blue crab and last but not least an ice cat soldier oh and put new character in it make him a meat shield and name him lucas and put new items like new food new craft items and new weapons and new quest items and new buff items and put special Halloween armor and july armor and new armor and new flairs and new hats new spells and attacks new pets and new foes put over 9000 new foes and 3 more oh and the new character make him a boy and put 3 new characters make them one boy one girl and one of them are related to the new meat shield name the two boys dj and alex and the girl is the sister of the new meat sheld and name her emely and that’s about it please I beg of you

  2. a loyal fan

    Wow the backgrounds are awesome. You must have spent alot of effort on them. i hope this means EBF4 will be relased on steam soon. :hurray:

  3. ShadowSun

    Wow :stars:
    So Beauty.
    Much Want.
    So Amaze.

    BTW have you tried “fixing” the website?
    ‘cuz it still looks messed up on my screen. :bleh:

  4. Gravmon

    You should have a special item awarded to those who beat a certain new badge that allows them to have a chance to get the god cats drops


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