EBF4: Battle Mountain Preview 2

Here’s some more screenshots of the new area.


I’m gonna regret putting this puzzle in the game. (this version actually has an X in the wrong place and probably isn’t solvable…)


Praetorian MkII is just chilling out above a bottomless pit.

15 thoughts on “EBF4: Battle Mountain Preview 2

  1. Anonymous

    will you atleast give us a solution to that Ice Block puzzle if you find one?

    cause i Suck at Block Puzzles

  2. ShadowSun

    Looks Cool.
    But my browser just started displaying the sidebar on he website above everything else. :wut:
    Anyone else got this problem ❓

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I recently made the site wider. How wide is your browser/screen? It’s probably not wide enough to show the whole page. I guess I’ll have to make it thinner again.

  3. NiceWorkMatt!

    Awww this puzzle looks … hard ^^’ Kupo, will you add some new backgrounds to Battle Mountain? You should do more of them.

  4. ChaosSorceror Davidicus

    This is gonna make me very very sad that I’m too poor to afford getting Steam AND this version of the game. 😥

    You’re tearing me apart, Roszak! 🙁

      1. Slade911

        Some people just can’t afford to spend money on other things like hobbies, or maybe it’s too much of a hassle to spend money online( it’s easier for some people rather than others ).

  5. TheBadEnd

    I am so excited for the steam release, all these little sneak peaks are so interesting. I was wondering how these sections were going to be added on, are you reworking the map to put them in, or putting them off to the side? ❓

    1. Kkots

      I think these sections are going to be completely hidden from the main map picture, or will at least be in a separate game mode instead of being in the main story mode, and, as I imagine, the bonus mode will have no map for it at all.
      Just guessing. Maybe if, I’m lucky, that’s how it actually is.


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