32 thoughts on “Epic Battle Fantasy: TD

  1. a_sh

    I understand that TD obviously means “tower defense”, but I have no clear idea what’s going on in this picture. :wut:
    May be interesting, though.

  2. EBF_Lover

    This looks pretty fun :3 That would only mean that people would ask for EBF5, Bullet Heaven 2, Adventure Story 2, and EBF: TD 2 :P But I’d love to try this out. :love:

  3. metallica_dillon

    Holy mother of YES! After you make that, you just need to make a shooter or a beat-’em-up game and your collection will be complete. :stars:

  4. Simone

    I think if I did this game I would be willing to buy it, because if there’s one thing I like about your games are the characters. P.S. i’m italian 17 boy and i follow you since epic battle fantasy 1. :yay:

  5. EBF Follower

    Well, I guess Tower Defense was going to be inevitable…

    I wonder what will show up in the future? Sudoku-based? Trading Cards?

    Kind of looking forward to see what else might emerge from the epic mind of Matt Roszak.

  6. ChaosSorceror Davidicus

    I dunno if I was the only one to, or if others suggested it as well, but as far as I myself know, ahem… HOLY CRAP YOU LISTENED TO MY IDEA! :D That is so awesome.

    I kinda like that is a “sidescroller” over the usual top-down view. Not to compare works but its got a Plants Vs. Zombies feel, and I approve. Kinda wonder if you’ll have our main gang as the “last line of defense” for it, each taking a row, like the lawnmowers of PvZ, or if they will constantly attack the whole time something is in range, Natz lobbing fire, Lance sniping like a madman, Anna spamming arrows, and Matt….. throwing swords from his collection maybe? I dunno, but already the ideas are brewing! :stars:

    1. Elf Boy

      Every enemy that gets by means one more enemy you have to use your party to fight against. on harder difficulty settings, the party encounters more enemies at a time. Example: easy, 2 enemies/ normal, 3 enemies/ hard, 4 enemies/ epic, 5 enemies. This is a thought. :ooo:

  7. Cat Faces 4 Lyf

    Mother of.. :shades: Looks pretty cool! I know that for now this seems like a joke you are making, but that last sentence gives us all hope… This looks like one of the best things! :stars: I really loves TD games – why does everyone think PvZ came up with the whole idea of strat? It was the first Mobile TD, sure, but its not original! Makes me feel :sick:… But, anyways, THIS idea is tah bomb! If it came on :phone2: it would be cool! But I understand you’re working on BH2, and have no plans. Same with EBF5 not being under work, yes?

  8. Cactus.exe

    Make the players the bad guys and 1 of the old final bosses the defender. Or just give the players their own special abilities and defenders.


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