Cat Cafe Upgrades

Today I made the upgrade/shop menu for Cat Cafe, along with all the item icons and descriptions. I think the interface is actually starting to look quite nice. Perhaps I’d even say that it’s the best interface I’ve made so far. You can’t see it in the screenshots, but the menu transitions are pretty smooth too.


There’s 26 items to buy in total.

Most of the items in the shop increase the amount of $$$ the cats give you, as well as changing their appearance. But there’s also some other perks, such as increasing the length of happy hour, or increasing the number of mistakes you can make. Nothing too interesting really, but they should add some replay value.


So wow. Amaze!

Next up, achievements!

5 thoughts on “Cat Cafe Upgrades

  1. SirBlackMage

    2 months ago, I wrote that a possible upgrade could be longer happy hours. :smirk:
    Yaaay, I was right. :yay:


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