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EBF4 Expansion Plans

If anyone hasn’t heard, EBF4 was Greenlit on Steam yesterday!
I’m now working on an expansion for the game, which will be added to the Steam version of EBF4, and to the Premium version on Kongregate. Some of the new features might also leak into the free version too.

Here’s the plans so far…

The expansion will include a new area, called “Battle Mountain”, or something like that.
It’ll be roughly the size of the Jungle area, and will contain sub-areas based on the main areas in the game.

The new area will contain many challenging battles, including:
• 4 harder versions of the bosses.
• A marathon battle for each area of the game, where you fight all of the foes from that area, plus the boss at the end, in one battle. (much like EBF1 & 2)
• Some boss battles from the earlier games, including (possibly) the Cosmic Monolith, Wooly Mammoth, Jack, Fire/Ice Golem, Sandworm, and the Protector.
• Some other foes that will probably make a return include Furry Slimes and Kitten Forts, and I might also make a few completely new foes.
• A boss rush, including the 4 main bosses.
• A harder boss rush, including the 4 upgraded bosses.
• A super-long foe marathon, of all the non-boss foes in the game. (30-40 waves, probably!)
• An endless battle, similar to the super-long marathon, but with randomized waves of increasing difficulty, and with no end.
• I’ll also stick in some new block puzzles. (yay?)

All of those battles should hopefully increase the game’s length by around 25%.
Rewards for beating these battles will include a bunch of new achievements, item drops, and equips. The equips and skills from the premium pack will now be obtained this way, instead of getting them all at the start of the game.

The new area won’t give EXP, AP, or money, so that it doesn’t unbalance the game.

Battle Mountain will be accessible through the warp zone, right from the start of the game, but most parts of it will be blocked until you get items like the Axe, Ladder, etc, or defeat certain bosses. All of the foes will always be at the same level as you, so it doesn’t matter when you decide to go there.

On top of new stuff, I’ll also work on balancing existing content.
A lot of people mentioned that there wasn’t enough battles against small groups of strong enemies later in the game, so I’ll try to add more of those. (Either by recycling some bosses from earlier games, or making more “giant” enemies)

In case people haven’t noticed, I’ve already added a few interface changes to the Kongregate version, and there will probably be a few more to come. I’m also going to be redoing some of the graphics that I’m not happy with, for example, I’ve already redrawn the Furry Slimes from EBF3, and I’m thinking about giving the Jelly foes some cute faces. ^____^

There’s also a few features that only the Steam version will have:
• Fullscreen mode.
• No file compression.
• No ads or links of any kind.
• No internet connection needed! (People tell me that Steam needs a connection, but I can play Binding of Isaac without one, so it’s possible)
• Expanded concept art gallery, since filesize is no longer an issue. I’ll stick in the relevant art from EBF3 too, since a lot of people on Steam probably won’t have played EBF3.

Oh yeah, and HFX will be doing some new tunes for the new area, and maybe some more for the old content too!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got planned so far. Thoughts?

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Pokemon Y Review

Hey guys! I disappeared for a while because I was playing Pokemon Y. In the last 5 days I clocked 59 hours, and caught 247 Pokemons. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that much before.

I stopped after beating the game, but I’ll probably keep going back to it every once in a while, since it seems like there’s still a lot left to do.

Instead of writing a structured review, I’m just going to make a list of everything good and bad about the game.







It’s a Pokemon game.
The 3D graphics make the game feel very fresh, even though the gameplay isn’t all that different from previous games.
I actually liked most of the new Pokemon, especially the cute first stage evolutions.
I can dress up my character! Makes shopping so much more fun, and personalization is very important in a massive game like this.
You can use TMs as many times as you want!
Mega-evolutions are kind of cool!
You still get experience for catching a Pokemon!
You can encounter a lot of Pokemon (400+ I think?) before even finishing the game. Some previous games limited you to a lot less.
Lots of stuff for old fans; including 1st gen starters, Viridian Forest, and Pikachus early on.
Dungeon designs were interesting and reasonably varied.
I can make random character videos! Not useful but still cute.
The major story cutscenes were actually quite good.
I can give my dog a haircut!
Quick Balls are overpowered. Kinda cheap, but speeds things up nicely.
I can give myself a haircut! But the hairdresser usually butchers it.
Lots of new player animations! You can sit on chairs and beds, and kneel down when talking to kids.
Gym and Elite 4 interior designs are awesome.
Mirrors actually work!
Roller skates!
You can ride Rhydon, Skiddos and other things!
You get ambushed by a ghost for no reason!
Competitive training/breeding is apparently a lot more accessible now.


The game’s too easy! My Pokemon were always at much higher levels than the opponents. I’ve heard that EXP share is to blame for this.
Lumiose City is too easy to get lost in, mostly due to the camera spinning around and every area looking the same.
The developers didn’t try very hard when creating road-blocks. There’s a power cut? The lights are on behind you!
Pokemon still don’t have their actual voices, except for Pikachu. Really ruins immersion when you’re still listening to Gameboy-quality sound effects.
You still can’t skip battle animations by pressing a button. It’s either all animations on or all off.
You can’t disable boring text in battle. Yeah, I know Charmander just used Ember, I told him to!
You don’t have to explain to me that I can use Strength to move a boulder every time I talk to a boulder. I learned that the first time.
Status effects are still incredibly annoying, especially due to their random nature.
Status effects should be healed after battle. Healing them is just time consuming, not challenging.
Hordes of Jr Mimes take like 5 minutes to finish their turn. Double Slap’s animation is so annoyingly slow.
Quick Balls are overpowered. I caught the box cover Pokemon without even weakening it! What!
The paintings in the art museum are too small! Some of them looked really interesting and it would have been nice to see them all in higher detail.
Everyone on the GTS tries to trade crap Pokemon for legendary ones. If you do this: Fuck you! Stop cluttering the system!
Wonder Trade also has a lot of totally worthless Pokemon floating about.
Too many buildings have the exact same interior layout, and it makes exploring them kind of routine and boring.
It’s too hard to get 5-stars in that jigsaw puzzle minigame.
The game gives you tips long after you probably already figured things out. Most notably, you need to use Rocksmash to get to a tip about how to use Rocksmash.
The word-filter wouldn’t let me call my Bidoof “Beaver”.
But calling a Pokemon “DiIdo”, “Herpes”, or “8=====D” is still considered acceptable.
The “Items” category in your bag contains too many items. Needs more categories.
I couldn’t find a wild Pikachu! I had to trade for one.
All of the trashcans in the game are empty!
You can’t take off your hat.
The Pokemon Champion isn’t as cool as the ones in the first two generations.