12 thoughts on “Business Cards

  1. Owen

    Just one trivial thought:

    Do you intend to use only the classic paper-like card? I remember there was a type of card with a small section that can pop out to slot into a USB port; and some Google work can reveal producers that can make some of these for you.

    If a USB business card is financially viable for you, you then have additional options and design paths open to you.

    But that aside, I like how your second design presents your company name on both sides for easy identification. And I also like how your first design resembles NoLegs, who might seem almost like an iconic mascot to those familiar with your games.

    1. Miley Sakiko

      Yeeeah, I like what Tamoor said. All you gotta do is put shades over the blue kitty’s eyes, don’t change ANYTHING else! It’ll be perfect then! :stars:


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