Aspect Ratios

Implemented GUI scaling in Cat Cafe! That’s a first for me.
The game now automatically moves stuff around depending on the aspect ratio of your device, for anything between 5:4 to 16:10.
I’ve also been playing around with graphics optimization, and have got the game running quite fast, even on slightly older devices. Hurray!

aspect ratioes

5 thoughts on “Aspect Ratios

  1. Game Enthusiast

    Might be looking forward to this game.

    Something to consider in the future: I do not know if this is available on Android or such, but I have this game on my iPhone called “Trainyard” and it is an awesome challenge for such a simple concept.

  2. ReverseTales

    When you do the GUI with anything (e.g. games, programs, web pages) should you do the code first, then implement scaling, or code it as already scalable?

    1. kupo707 Post author

      You can do it either way, probably. I don’t think it makes much difference, as long as you design things with scaling in mind from the start.


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